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Co-rotating twin-screw extruders by Maris

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Co-rotating twin-screw extruders by Maris

The Italian company MARIS S.p.A., is one of the few leading manufacturer of co-rotating twin-screw extruders in the world, still producing in-house their extrusion lines.

The screws are self-cleaning modular elements, suitable for high quality homogenization, compounding of specific processes, among which:

  • Composite materials filled with mineral fillers, wood powder and others
  • Composite materials reinforced with glass fibres, carbon fibres, natural fibres
  • Masterbatches of organic and inorganic pigments, additives
  • Hot-melts and solvent based adhesives
  • Natural and synthetic rubbers compounds
  • Polymers from reactive extrusion
  • Polymers Recycling
  • Halogen Free
  • Polymer alloys
  • Etc.

One of the most recent applications realized by our company concerns the production of a microporous film having a thickness between 9 and 20 m, with UHMWPE base and oil. This semi-finished product has its main use in the production of separators for Lithium Batteries. The requirement is to grant a product homogeneous and regular in thickness and, above all, in dimension and micro holes distribution. The line, beside the extruder, includes upstream very precise feeding system and downstream gear-pump and flat die, which feeds the end of the line for product finishing. The critical issue of this process is the necessity to mix and homogenize the polymer with a very high quantity of oil (for each part of polymer, there are up to four parts of oil), which has to be removed during the post-processing phase to obtain the micro holes in the film (separator).

In order to reach this important result, the process zone of the extruder has been shaped in such a way to foresee the introduction and the distribution of the oil in different points, together with specific screw-elements profile, the core of the process, realized to obtain the best homogenization of the recipe ingredients.

Thanks to this and other special applications, Maris confirm once more their ambition to deal with new challenges and new processes.

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