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CEMAS ELETTRA: the Italian quality at Chinaplas 2018

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cemas elettra a chinaplas 2018

Started as a small local business in 1982 in Carmagnola (Italy), nowadays CEMAS Elettra is one of the European largest companies in thermoplastic welding field and it is responsible for designing and developing of technically highly complicated projects, such as instrument panels (complete dashboards), rear lamps for cars and motorbikes, bumpers of any dimension and automated production lines for washers machines drums.

From thirty-six years the values that guide our work are the same: quality, competence and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the know-how and experience of our team, we take care of our customers during the entire production cycle, from initial design to final implementation of complex components.
We develop for our customers the most efficient welding technology for their needs by a “customization” process of the entire range of machines and tools.

Currently, the technological offer is one of the wider on the market, indeed we manufacture thermoplastic welding machines employing eight joining technologies: Laser, Vibration, Infrared, Hot Plate, Hybrid (Infared + Vibration), Ultrasonic, Gluing and Infrastake (we are the sole distributor of Extol’s technology in Europe and South America).
In particular, about Vibration, Infrared and Laser we developed our proprietary technology.

Nowadays CEMAS Elettra group includes:

five production plants located in Italy, Brazil (from 2005), Germany (from 2010), Turkey (from 2014) and Mexico (from 2014);
seven commercial offices located in Russia (from 2006), France (from 2009), Spain and Portugal (from 2011), UK (from 2015), Poland (from 2016) and Romania (2017);
one commercial office and showroom in China (from 2015);
one official distributor of vibration and hybrid welding machines in USA and Canada (from 2017).

“Cemas China” was born in 2017 in Suzhou

The commercial office has a dedicated sales department and, in the next months, it will also offers technical service and first aid on the spot. In this way, in the next future, some technicians and welding specialists will be always available and ready to leave within 12 hours from the customers call, to reach them on the spot.
As always, our team will be at your complete disposition to discuss, share and evaluate your projects.

Cemas Elettra at Chinaplas, booth C67 /Hall 2H

cemas elettra a chinaplas 2018

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