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TA 1600 blow moulding machine: the solution for packaging is at hand!

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ST Soffiaggio Tecnica blow moulding machine model TA 1600

The world packaging market is progressing and shows great vitality. The packaging industry has been one of the sectors that has suffered less during the financial crisis and indeed has shown steady growth prospects. The role of companies that produce processing technologies for packaging thus assumes increasing importance in the production chain.

As evidence of this trend, ST has recently delivered a blow moulding machine, model TA 1600, with a 150mm diameter extruder and a 38 lt accumulator head. The HEX type extruder (High Efficiency Extrusion), with a capacity of 900 kg/h, ensures a high capacity and quality of plasticization.
This type of machine, usually used to blow large parts, is intended for the production of open top 220 litre screw cap drum.
Thanks to the generous platen dimensions (1000 x 2500 mm), the system is highly versatile and is designed to be adapted to the customer’s future needs for the production of IBC containers.
Besides the now widely acknowledged success of the ASPI series, the TA and ISIT ranges of conventional machines are widely available on the market, reflecting the company’s ability to diversify its offer based on buyers’ demands.

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