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Innovation for Fimic: the internal Lab

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Fimic internal lab

A very important innovation for Fimic is the internal Lab. From the beginning of 2015 Fimic has the ability of doing trials at the company. The line is a 125 mm, with a Fimic RAS400, and a throughput of around 500 kg/h.

Up to now Fimic has been doing an average of 2 trials a month giving the customers great flexibility in organizing tests. The trials need is something quite recent, the customers are now in need to verify directly and evaluate with their own material so that they can also check on the final quality. The extruder is a second hand completely refurbished with venting and vertical die cut. We do not have venting after the filter or underwater pelletizers, but the test results have been very satisfying for the customers, which are able to better understand the options ahead of them. A test lasts few hours and we generally open the filter to verify the screen conditions. The opening and closing takes about 15 minutes (as it is a RAS400). Usually the customer participate with its load of experience and we collaborate to reach the best possible quality. Fimic also has a small test extruder to evaluate straight away the quality of the output , so that also this can be immediately a theme of discussion in Fimic new conference room.

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