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Energy saving? Recycling and compounding in one single step with Binova

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Binova Company was founded in 2006 with the aim to represent a reality able to bring relevant innovation and development in the recycling market.
Binova has recently completed the setup of a line with a co-rotating twin-screw extruder equipped with a shredder compactor and automatic screen changer, for a production of about 700-900 kg /h.
The plant is able to compound scraps of high printed films, with high residual moisture (up to 10%), particular mixtures of pellets from review, grinded various densified materials, with mineral fillers up to 30%.
The mixing of different raw materials, performed directly in the machine, ensures a perfect homogenization able to increase the quality of the final product. The dosing system of the various components can be either gravimetric that volumetric. A new patented gravimetric control system has been developed in the R&D department in order to ensure the exact percentage of agglomerated film that will feed the extruder.
The matching of the shredder compactor and the co-rotating twin screw extruder is the last stage of improvement developed by Binova to even further reduce the processing costs of plants for recycling and compound of thermoplastic scraps: up to 30% energy savings guaranteed, comparing to the standards on the market nowadays.
For this line we recorded a consumption from 0,22 a 0,30 kW / kg for the whole plant.
Our production program also includes the manufacture of special recycling lines that take profit by the tandem of single-screw/single screw, twin screw/single screw or twin screw/ twin screw extruder, for the treatment of particular scraps or for special needs of double filtration.

Visit Binova at Fakuma, hall A6 – stand A6-6207

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