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Moretto: the next revolution in conveying

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Moretto OW6

Continuous evolution in resin conveying systems has pushed manufacturers in recent years to release additional new features, such as pipe cleaning management for conveying regrind material, self-cleaning receiver filters and loading failure alarms. All of these features have now become standard in modern centralized systems and pose the question, what is the next evolution to come to market?

Moretto has long sought not only to develop pioneering and industry leading new products but also the management systems that control them. Today Moretto is the only company able to provide both the in-house designed and manufactured products for both conveying as well overall system management. At Moretto we call this system management the ONE WIRE SERIES. Included in the series are specialized EXA, ONE WIRE 3 and ONE WIRE 6 configurations and were developed with modularity and adaptability in mind so customers can grow and modify their management system as their plant conditions and requirements change.

From two to up to six receivers Moretto offers the EXA system which adapts a three-phase conveying system with an integrated central control for true management of the entire system. The name EXA is derived from Greek culture which considered EXI, or 6, to be the perfect number. In turn the EXA system is able to manage up to a total of six receivers. EXA system clients have a dedicated electronic board developed to create a mini-centralized system with only one vacuum pump and six total receivers. This system is specifically designed for dosing systems for up to six components and centralized systems management including gravimetric and/or volumetric dosing units, loss in weight blenders, drying systems up to six hoppers and injection moulding machines.

Moving beyond EXA and a requirement to manage more than six clients customers can choose to upgrade EXA to the ONE WIRE 3 series. This upgrade provides for the inclusion of a plc which adds centralized server functionality and the ability to add up to 80 total clients. Beyond this, ONE WIRE 3 builds on EXA providing a dual zone function that allows for management of two vacuum pumps connected to a single sorting station, machine que management and separate materials que management. Further users can manage the system with both a touchscreen central interface, the Master 300 control or the wireless Master 600 control.

The ultimate expression in conveying system management is the Moretto ONE WIRE 6 series. It is the only system available in the market today capable of automatically adapting to dynamic changes in plant status.

ONE WIRE 6 includes exclusive VIBE technology developed by Moretto that allows the system to automatically setup and optimize the quantity of resin being conveyed. This differs significantly from a conventional system where the operator is required to set the parameters for suction and pipe cleaning time manually. ONE WIRE 6 is able to detect changes in material type and feeding segment changes to automatically adjust the suction and pipe cleaning parameters instantaneously. In turn the machines recognize the new conditions and adapt and recalculate the necessary transport time.

ONE WIRE 6 can manage up to a total of 80 users such as receivers, up to eight suction units and manual and/or automatic manifold units. Included with the system is a 15” colour touch screen user interface, which offers a configurable program for precautionary maintenance. The previously mentioned Master 600 wireless controller can also be added as needed.

Both the ONE WIRE 3 and ONE WIRE 6 can be further connected with Moretto’s MOWIS integrated supervising system which provides for centralized and remote management of all Moretto equipment installed plant wide.

EXA, ONE WIRE 3 and ONE WIRE 6 are all Moretto OMS&P, Original Moretto Systems & People, products and the result of significant development into developing centralized feeding systems that fit every dimension of a customer’s specific needs. The EXA and ONE WIRE series are a further effort assist our customers in recovering time dedicated to practicality in order to provide more time toward quality.

It’s just another reason why at Moretto we say, the challenge goes on…

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