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dSort 2 by Doss Visual solution Italy [VIDEO]

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dSort 2 Doss

Doss Visual solution Italy is worldwide known for innovative solutions applied in the artificial vision market.

The new born in Doss House is another example of it, and it has already collected numerous and positive results both from national and the international market.
dSort 2 is the name of the machine, light, compact but especially easy also for a neophyte of vision systems. It is completely automatic with a Poka Yoke menu, which addresses the operator sto the correct use of the machine. it recognize automatically and completely alone the job in execution and set up itself alone for a new kind of job to start. Alle the Norm ISO from class N to class CS are introduced into the system and the operator is only invited to place one part on the table of the machine. The rest of the job is done by the machine: self-knowledge of dimensions, self positioning of all discs and brush due for correct feeding, auto positioning of solenoid valves, centering of images, correction of lights to the correct exposition of the part in analysis, automatic self setting of parameters to detect superficial defects according actual norms, self calibration of the correct speed of working, all done automatically by the machine in few minutes, without any job done by the operator. dSort 2 is equipped of different sights to allow the control of both side of a part, without forgetting the lateral parting lines, both internal and external and of course the control of planarity. It is a machine complete, from feeding to final exit and correct separation of good from bad parts, including the recovery automatically of the overlapped parts, which are directly send to the conveyor for a further analysis. dSort 2 is only one of the numerous solutions available into the machine portfolio of DOSS and if you think that this machine is extraordinary, we leave you free to think what this company can realize: Doss offers a vary and big family of machines to cover a range for 0,5 mm of ID to 5000 mm of OD!! and not only circle parts but gaskets of all kind of shape and form.

dSort 2 Doss

Recently Doss has shown to all customers operating in plastic and rubber world all the solutions available during the last Open House 2016 from 24 to 26 February 2016. In these three days company network DOSS WORLD has organized meetings and a real exhibition dedicated to the complete line of rubber gaskets production.
DOSS WORLD is composed by the most known machineries and solution producers in Italy ani it is realized for the market of rubber and plastic. The company inside this DOSS world are: Doss Visual solution, producers of machineries and solutions for the quality control and selection of Gaskets, RPM srl producer of injection ani compression press machines for rubber and plastic sectors, Sigmac srl, who realized grinding machineries and solution for deflashing and finishing of ring and rubber gaskets. Forlab Italia srl, distributor of laboratory solution and of static and dynamic ovens for postvulanisation, Orobix srl developer and producers of control system done through xray, Delfin srl producers of baggers and packaging systems, Italgom srl service company for quality control and selection or rubber gaskets. To this event there was also present the company Interseals srl, Producers of rubber gaskets products, which presented the superficial analysis fo elastomeric products.

The program previewed also the organization of workshops with the presentation of the latest technologies applied for the production, finishing, control and packaging of gaskets, treating also insights about new EU certifications.

Doss World

This event had a big success: about 300 visitors took parts to the exhibition and workshops. Customers coming from all Italy, but also outside Italy (about 20%) both european and extra-european.
Next open house will take in 2018, but Doss Visual solution and Doss World have already a rich calendar of exhibition for next two years: surely it will be difficult to stop talking about them!
Doss is an important point of reference inside the rubber/plastic market, especially for its experience for the study,development and building of compete vision systems, always innovative, but also for the synergies, which it can create and translate in complete easy solution for the companies all over the world.
Doss thinks in the made in Italy, thinks in its products and in the services to export all over the world, the new three sites (Taiwan, Shanghai and Detroit) are a further confirmation: stock for spare parts to offer in a very fast time for the far away customers too as well a service in these territories with high specialized Doss Operator.

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