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Tederic will be at PLAST 2023

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Tederic Machinery Co. will be at PLAST 2023, presenting its brand new premium-class injection molding machines “NEO”

Tederic is participating to the 2023 edition of Plast (Hall 24 – 51/52), and will present its new series called  “NEO”, which is the result of the joint work of the international experts of Tederic with a group of globally renown and highly specialized engineers and designers of the sector. This synergy has made it possible to combine the engineering experience accumulated by the Tederic brand, the European know-how in the machine design and a strategic chain of quality suppliers of Tederic. The combination of cutting-edge industrial style approach, advanced electromechanical design with high-end components through the collaboration of leading brands, results in a machine with excellent performance and a fine user experience.

All products enjoy advanced control systems in cooperation with well-known Keba brand with optional 12-inch touch-screen system configuration, 15-inch multi-touch screen and 21-inch advanced multi-touch screen, depending on the product series and its customizable configuration.

The control systems offer support for OPC, UA and Modbus data protocols and have free programming capabilities to meet a variety of special process requirements.

A latest generation of servo pumps power-pack assures extremely fast responses (maximum pressure can be reached in 28 ms) capable of saving 30% to 80% of energy consumption compared to traditional hydraulic systems.

The external body of the machine, completely redesigned to align with the guidelines of the Tederic brand, not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the product, which is very pleasant and well thought, but the design approach has the aim of improving safety, practicality and ease of use. All products comply with local safety standards in the various international markets where Tederic is present.

Six new product lines: NEO T, NEO E, NEO H, NEO Mv, NEO Ms

NEO T ; 90t – 1050t : a range of servo driven machines in the range from 90t to 1050t. New features include increased column spacing, increased die height, and a special clamp braking system to improve die placement accuracy.

NEO E II; 60 t – 1400 t : The second generation of the new series of electric machines, in the range from 60t to 1400t. They can be supplied both in the fully electric version, but also in the hybrid version in which a standard integrated hydraulic power unit with servo pump is placed to feed ejectors, the carriage movement and also eventual hydraulic pullers. Features include increased distance between columns, NSK linear bearings for moving floor guide, standard 15-inch touch screen, latest generation motors and drives with DC bus technology. Available with injection speeds up to 500 mm/sec, pressure accuracy down to <1 bar, excellent low speed control. Ideal for precision engineering, medical and mass production thin wall products.

NEO H II; 550 t – 7000 t : The second generation of the two-platten machine series with servopump has already arrived which is available in the range of 550t to 7000t. The main features of the new optimized models are: greater distance between the tie bars, greater day-light between the platens and a special brake system of the moving platen with pincers to improve the positioning accuracy of the mold. The 15-inch touch screen is standard and the machine uses latest generation servo motors and drives with DC bus technology. Electric drive on the plasticizing screw is standard on most of the range, helping greater flexibility and performance and most importantly, energy savings. The machines are customizable with all options, technologies and solutions such as AddShot, BlowSure, CellSure, CoinSure, E-Carica, GlosSure, SpinSure, and others.

NEO Mv: Multi-component injection molding machine with Spinsure-V™ vertical rotary table

NEO·Mv has a multi-color and/or multi-material injection molding technology that is reference in the sector. With modularization, flexibility, and customized and professional design to meet different process needs, Tederic continues to innovate and explore the possibilities of injection molding for innovative and highly complex applications.

The rotary platens are servo driven and offer a full range of utility connection options. The machines can be configured with up to five independently controlled injection units. These units can be positioned parallel, angled, perpendicular and vertical to the main machine axis. Both hydraulic and electric injection units are available.

NEO·Ms: Opposed injection molding machine with Spinsure-H™ horizontal rotary table

NEO·Ms is the Industry Innovation Award winning machine, the model has a compact mechanical structure, excellent performance and easy implementation of multi-purpose machines.

Combined with a two-platten clamping unit, a second servo driven moving unit in the middle with equipped with Spinsure-H™horizontal rotary table. The two opposing injection units ensure the molding of complicated multi-color and/or multi-material products within a small space, ensuring weight accuracy of ≤0.3%, with customized and flexible options, future-focused and a professional solution built around product characteristics and customer needs.

Additional injection units can be also added as required. The rotary table movement and positioning is independently controlled, allowing for a range of mold designs and complex applications.

Tederic will welcome its visitors at Hall 24 – 51/52.


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