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OMV Technologies Showcases Innovation and Sustainability at NPE Show 2024

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OMV Technologies, a global leader in thermoforming and extruding inline systems, announces its participation in the upcoming NPE show, scheduled to take place in Orlando, Florida. The event will be held from May 6th to May 10th, 2024, at the Orange County Convention Center. OMV Technologies will be exhibiting at booth number S19206, located in the packaging zone of the south hall.

“NPE2024 is the largest plastics event in the Western Hemisphere. The companies and organizations exhibiting at this year’s show represent the most advanced, innovative and forward-thinking companies the global plastics industry has ever seen,” said Matt Seaholm, President and CEO of PLASTICS.

Renowned for their commitment to innovation and quality, OMV Technologies is proud to showcase its latest advancements in inline systems and material handling. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability, OMV Technologies continues to lead the industry with its high-quality solutions.

One of the highlights of OMV’s participation at NPE 2024 is the alliance with Promix and their Microcell foaming technology. This cutting-edge collaboration underscores OMV’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. Mark Strachan, VP of Innovation and Product Development at OMV Technologies, explains, “The technology results in a substantial reduction in part weight, coupled with insulative properties and excellent mechanical properties.”

OMV Technologies is also proud to partner with Avantium, as part of an EU-sponsored coalition, to develop PEF, a 100% plant-based resin. This initiative aligns with OMV’s sustainability efforts and circular recycling prowess. Avantium’s PEF is 100% plant-based and can be converted and recycled in existing polyester (PET) assets, showcasing the potential of PEF as a high barrier layer in multilayer packaging.

OMV Technologies recently demonstrated the effectiveness of PEF in multilayer packaging, with a PET-based cup featuring a PEF barrier layer on both the outside and the inside. This innovative concept offers a significant improvement in oxygen barrier compared to traditional PET prototypes, highlighting the potential for sustainable packaging solutions.

The multilayer cups were produced by OMV Machinery using single cavity thermoforming equipment, further emphasizing OMV’s expertise in inline systems and packaging solutions.

Attendees of the NPE show are invited to visit OMV Technologies at booth S19206 to learn more about the latest innovations in inline systems, sustainability, and packaging solutions.

For media inquiries or to schedule a meeting with OMV Technologies at NPE 2024, please contact Brooke Maltun.


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