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The internationality of Rotomachinery Group

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Interview with Pierluigi Sacchi, General Manager of Rotomachinery Group.

Rotomachinery Group represents a leading, internationally active company in the rotational molding sector. With two production centers in Europe and North America, the group satisfies the entire creation process of rotational molding plants, from design to sale and proposes always innovative machines and solutions. The company has a history of more than 50 years, as the founder and General Manager Pierluigi Sacchi has told us.

Plast 2023 is just around the corner, what novelties is Rotomachinery Group going to present?

As we have been doing for many years, we will exhibit no machines at Plast 2023, but we will focus on samples and graphics. This choice is dictated by the simple reason that the fair is close to our company headquarters in Cerano (NO), so we are pleased to offer the opportunity to see the machines in operation at our premises. This year we will present a sensor that measures the temperature of the mold and, through an algorithm, manages the cycle of the machine, thus making it work automatically, without leaving it solely to the experience of the technician. This allows to save time, scraps and energy. By the way, the idea came to our Canadian colleagues and was taken up by us with an investment in research, development and partnership with universities.

Some of our leading solutions are already on the market, such as the energy regeneration system, which recovers the return current, by stopping the fan before the doors open; in this way, once opened, no hot air comes out and the temperature does not drop too much. With a traditional machine, the temperature drops by 80/90 degrees, while with this innovation we are talking about 30 degrees.

Finally, we also have some new projects such as the hybrid machine, i.e. both gas and electric; it was requested in an economic moment characterized by increases in the cost of gas dictated by the geopolitical situation. Also in this case we have invested in research and development to respond to important challenges and we are completing the works.

What is your view on the current situation of the market of rubber/plastics?

The situation of suppliers and raw materials is not yet optimal, there are still delays in the deliveries but it seems that customers are aware of the situation and that it does not depend on us, it is a generalized trend.

There is also difficulty in finding manpower in our sector, such as carpenters and mechanics; however, Italy is not the only one: in the region of North America the situation is even worse, there it was necessary to apply to the ministerial body to ask to import manpower from abroad.

The last edition of Plast dates to 2018, pre Covid: have you missed the world of fairs? Are fairs still a central tool to sell your products?

Reflecting on what was observed at K2022 in Düsseldorf, I have to say that the world has changed. It seems there are fewer and fewer visitors, in particular, the Europeans remain, but there are many fewer non-Europeans.

Therefore, at Plast we expect a domestic fair. However, it must be said that fairs, despite the difficulties, remain a very useful tool for networking with various potential customers and the results can even come after several years. For example, we have recently acquired a customer from the Persian Gulf who met us at the fair ten years ago.

Besides Plast, what are the next events for Rotomachinery Group?

The ARMO 2023 exhibition-conference dedicated to sustainable rotational molding will be held in Poznan, Poland, from 10 to 12 September: it is a European event which takes place every three years and is specific to our sector. The Affiliation of Rotational Molding Organisations (ARMO) brings together 12 associations representing the rotational molding industry in different regions of the world, including the Italian IT-RO.

How important is the foreign market for you compared to the Italian one?

We are an international company, since 80/90% of our work is with foreign countries, the majority of our orders are in Europe, the rest between North America and Australia.

Speaking of internationality, you have a branch in North America: how are you structured?

Our branch is in Canada, it employs 40 people and we are also expanding the facility by almost 2,000 square meters. The branch covers the North America region and the Australian market, where we do not have a real branch, but an expert dealer able to provide assistance.

Finally, what is the key to your success?

Simple: devote ourselves 100% to the company, because, as when you educate children, a constant commitment is required 24/7.


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