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BARplast LLC at NPE- launcing R-PEEK 143G

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BARplast LLC, part of the BIEGLO Group headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is participating at the NPE Expo in Orlando, Florida in 2024. At this year’s NPE, BARplast is showcasing its R-PEEK 143G. R-PEEK is a sustainable and more cost effective alternative to the leading virgin PEEK producers. Dexnyl© R-PEEK 143G is a melt filtered and re-granulated PEEK. It has a Tg of 289°F (143°C).

It is a high quality post-industrial grade with no noticeable changes in colour or viscosity. Recycling high performance polymers reduces the carbon footprint of finished PEEK parts. Our Dexnyl© R-PEEK 143G offers a sustainable and economical alternative to virgin PEEK.

It is ideal for high-strength, high-temperature injection moulded and extruded parts.

Dexnyl© R-PEEK 143G is successfully used by experienced compounders and processors in a wide range of industrial applications.

The BARplast portfolio also includes an outstanding polyimide called AURUM® from Mitsui Chemiclas that is redefining industry standards. With an impressive glass transition temperature (Tg) of 473°F (245°C) and electrical insulation performance that surpasses any other known insulation, especially at temperatures above 302°F (150°C), AURUM® stands apart from conventional thermoplastics.It has excellent properties even at very low temperatures and is suitable for hydrogin and space applications.

This breakthrough material is used in precision tooling, industrial machinery, electrical and electronic components where its robust insulating properties are critical. The versatility of AURUM® extends to various manufacturing processes including powder coating, injection moulding and extrusion, offering unrivalled flexibility and adaptability.

AURUM® reduces electrical and magnetic losses with a high CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) > 600 volts.

In addition, BARplast offers sealing solutions tailored to automotive applications. From gaskets and rings to seals, gears, bearings, bushings and bolts, these carefully engineered materials are the epitome of automotive excellence. BARplast LLC’s automotive solutions are designed to withstand the rigours of engines, transmissions and other critical components. They offer unrivalled chemical resistance, low friction and unwavering stability at high temperatures.

Other products in the BARplast portfolio include PEEK in all forms, and thermoplastic and thermosetting polyimides.


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