HRSflow: intelligent hot runner systems for precision injection molding

14 October 2015
HRSflow: intelligent hot runner systems for precision injection molding

The Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow, represented by its German sales subsidiary HRSflow GmbH, Roßtal-Buchschwabach, will focus on high-performance hot runner systems both for the cascade injection molding of large-format parts and for multi-cavity applications

Members of the team will demonstrate the mode of action of the further developed FLEXflow technology, a servo-driven, finely regulated valve gate system. One popular field of application is that of the injection molding of complex automotive components. The latest development, which is being presented in public for the first time at Fakuma, is the integration of FLEXflow into Moldflow simulation software. The youngest HRSflow division, Multitech – which is now independent – will showcase among other things the use of the very latest technologies to shorten the cooling time in multi-cavity molds.
A major advantage of the FLEXflow valve gate system is that it can be used to produce large-area parts with a high-quality surface. Especially with cascade injection molding, the electrically driven needle valve nozzles allow the individual, precise and sequentially coordinated opening and shutting of the valve gates at selectable speeds. As a result, the melt flow in the individual hot runner nozzles and the volume flow in the mold cavity can be controlled with outstanding accuracy. This optimized filling process not only produces a better part surface than with the conventional cascade injection molding process, it also has the advantage that, with FLEXflow, through the much wider process window, the required clamping force and even the part weight can be reduced without any loss of quality. Through the integration of this technology into Moldflow simulation software, the prediction of the course of the injection molding process in the mold that is so important for the mold design is significantly improved.
In the Multitech division, HRSflow offers hot runner solutions for injection molding designed for the large-volume production of packaging, caps and closures, and articles for medical technology, the electrical and electronics industry and automotive construction. The focus here is on high numbers of cavities, short cycle times, uniform balancing and rapid color changes. At Fakuma, new solutions will also be showcased for cooling the mold to shorten cycle times. This is attained by innovative cooling channel inserts, produced by the SLM technology (selective laser melting), similar to the technique known as 3D printing. Also to be presented at Fakuma for the first time is a hot runner nozzle designed specifically for thick-wall applications.

Fakuma hall A2 – stand 2217

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