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Forward-looking solutions enhancing efficiency and environmental compatibility

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October 2023 – At Fakuma 2023 Oerlikon HRSflow will focus on the use of hot runner technology for more sustainability and efficiency in injection moulding in Hall A1 at Stand 1215. The focus will be on applications such as thin-walled packaging, caps and closures as well as medical technology products and will also include the processing of biopolymers and compostable compounds. 

Stack mould for thin-walled packaging

Especially developed for time, material and energy saving injection moulding of thin-walled packaging, the Oerlikon HRSflow new stack mould system is dedicated to meet the latest requirements of the circular economy. Thanks to its innovative patent-pending design, thought to make the system extremely easy to assemble and maintain, it can be included in plug-and-play solutions that allow to avoid long and costly downtime. The stack principle also allows it to be installed in smaller injection moulding machines and enables flexible use for different applications.

To strengthen its expertise in thin-wall packaging, the company has also expanded its injection moulding machine park in its test lab with a new hybrid ENGEL e-Speed 280. With its high injection pressure (up to 2,600 bar) and high-speed injection screw (up to 1,400 mm/s), it is particularly suitable for processing R-PET, bio-based and compostable polymers, in compliance with the new EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR).

There it is also possible to define the optimal system configuration and to predict the part quality for special applications, using advanced hot runner systems mounted on dedicated prototype tools. Among the customer support services, plastic samples according to the weight, thickness and geometry of customer’s applications can be supplied for a preliminary analysis.

Multi-cavity systems for caps & closures

The multi-cavity line for low shot weights, recently named MULTIflow HRS, is suitable for packaging, caps and closure as well as medical applications, manufactured with engineering polymers for technical components. Some of the main benefits include fast cycle time, high production volume, processing of PCR compounds and biopolymers, quick colour change and an excellent finish of the molded parts.

At Fakuma, the expertise and knowhow of Oerlikon HRSflow will be highlighted through the display of the multi-cavity system designed for the production of 72 caps. Thanks to the new Vf nozzle series, it enables very short cycle times from 2.2 to 3.5 seconds while at the same time ensuring maximum process reliability thanks to excellent control and optimum balancing of the filling process. This technical solution, which is equally suitable for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages as well as for liquid and powdered concentrates, meets all the requirements of the new European single-use plastic directive, which makes tethered closures mandatory for all beverage containers up to three litres in capacity.

The MULTIflow HRS hot runner system for these bio-sourced spoons, includes 48 drops with Tp series nozzles and cylindrical valve gate. Thanks to the use of a bio-based material, this application is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the circular economy.

Specially developed for HDPE caps and closures, the Vf nozzles of the new multicavity line from Oerlikon HRSflow are suitable for part weights from 0.5 g to 8 g, and they stand for reliably consistent product quality, fast colour changes and system restarts. The special nozzle tip enables optimum control in the gate area and improves cycle time. Also, its separate replaceability makes maintenance particularly fast and cost-effective.

Rheologically optimized, hot runner geometries ensure significantly increased reactivity and thus effectiveness of the system. Special inserts minimize the time required for colour changes while keeping reject rates low, which contributes to the sustainability of production even with particularly critical colours.

A sustainable approach throughout the supply chain for eco-friendly applications

One of the primary goals of Oerlikon HRSflow is to develop hot runner systems that are specifically designed for sustainable applications and that contribute to greater efficiency in injection moulding. Here, the high temperature and shear sensitivity of bio-based and biodegradable polymers are the challenges when it comes to prevent material degradation while achieving short cycle times and good gate quality. In addition, hot runner systems for recycled compounds have to be designed to avoid any damage caused by possible impurities in the melt and to avoid any streaking or flow marks that could jeopardize the cosmetic and functional result of molding.

This is demonstrated by selected applications that Oerlikon HRSflow has realised in cooperation with customers.

About Oerlikon Polymer Processing Solutions Division

Oerlikon is a leading provider of comprehensive polymer processing plant solutions and high-precision flow control component equipment. The division provides polycondensation and extrusion lines, manmade fiber filament spinning solutions, texturing machines, BCF and staple fiber lines as well as nonwoven production systems. It also develops and produces advanced and innovative hot runner systems and multi-cavity solutions for the injection molding industry. Its hot runner solutions serve business sectors, including automotive, logistics, environmental, industrial applications, consumer goods, beauty and personal care and medical. Moreover, Oerlikon offers customized gear metering pumps for the textile, automotive, chemical, dyes and lacquers industries. Its engineering competence leads to sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for the entire polymer processing value chain with a circular economy approach.

Oerlikon Polymer Processing Solutions Division serves customers through its technology brands – Oerlikon Barmag, Oerlikon Neumag, Oerlikon Nonwoven and Oerlikon HRSflow – in around 120 countries with production, sales, distribution and service organizations.

The division is part of the publicly listed Oerlikon Group, headquartered in Switzerland, which has more than 12 100 employees and generated CHF 2.9 billion sales in 2022.

For further information: www.hrsflow.com

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