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Frigosystem Corema: efficiency, accuracy and energy saving in the mold temperature control

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frigosystem corema

New moulding technologies combined with the construction of more complex moulds and the use of high performance polymers, require more accurate control of the working temperature, flow and pressure in the production processes

FRIGOSYSTEM have researched, designed and produced for this market the HC thermo-refrigerating units, suitable to meet these modern needs of production.
HC systems represent both for characteristics and technical solutions, the most advanced temperature control system for moulds, currently present in the market.

What is the HC unit?

The new HC unit is a combination of the RACA-C chiller and their Temperature Control Units series TRW.
Typically water cooled monobloc units which are installed adjacent to the process machine. Within each HC unit there is a water cooled chiller with reservoir tank and each of the 1, 2, or 3 process circuits are further equipped with a proportional 3 way valve and heater. By controlling the mix of chilled and recycled water this arrangement ensures that each of these independent process circuits is able to maintain its own working temperature within the range -10°C through to +90°C with a typical accuracy of +/- 0.5°C.
Compact air cooled versions are also available.

Benefits and savings

Energy savings are top of the list of benefits to the user. The water cooled version is normally connected to the existing cool water circuit, either a conventional cooling tower or the Frigosystem range of Dry Coolers or Adiabatic Dry Coolers. This arrangement will provide for free cooling for a number of months throughout the year. This could mean several months of chilled water without once starting the chiller compressor. Thus savings on compressor start up cycles which in turn save on power consumption.


A range of models are available but these units are usually tailored exactly to customer requirements.
– The shared chiller section is presently available from 3 up to 90 kW cooling capacity.
– Each of the 1, 2 or 3 independent process circuits may by tailored with regard to heating power from 0 up to 48kW
– Pump flows and pressures may further be specified
– Automatic mould drain will reduce glycol loss during mould changes.
The system can be provided with flow meter and visual and acoustic alarm.

Likewise the Dry Coolers and Adiabatic dry coolers have all recently been the subject technical and energy efficient updates. This is the optimal system for hydraulics of injection moulding machines.

ACE, a true adiabatic cooler is able to provide cool water in closed loop, by reducing to 90% the energy and water consumption compared to a traditional cooling tower. The use of PVC evaporator screens used with the patented shower mechanism allows almost wet bulb temperature of the air flow. Unlike coolers that simply employ water spray jets but use the term Adiabatic the Frigosystem ACE is able to be operated as an Adiabatic cooler continuously and without the watery mess associated with simple spray systems. In colder winter months when air temperature is low the PVC screens may be easily removed for storage and the cooler used in a conventional manner.

All Frigosytem units can be provided with FS-i Link controller, enabling the supervision and the functional setting of the system from any web position. This devise can even support the customer with virtual service from any worldwide Frigosystem service base.

frigosystem corema

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