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First Fakuma for Haitian International Germany

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Haitian Fakuma 2015

Exibition participation focuses on energy efficiency, dynamics, and economy, small eco version of the servo-hydraulic Mars II Series, fully-electric Venus II Series with 1,500 kN and new two-platen technology Jupiter II “plus” Series

Haitian International Germany presents, as usual, Technology to the Point – standard machines of high quality. This is the first official Fakuma under the new corporate name and anticipation among the company management is correspondingly high: “I’m looking forward very much to this exhibition, which is preceded by its excellent reputation. My goal is to meet and get to know as many customers and interested people as possible.” says Mr. Xiang Linfa, General Manager of the German subsidiary in Ebermannsdorf.
The efficient economy-class variant of the best-selling Haitian Mars Series is the most successful servo-hydraulic injection-molding machine in the world with sales of more than 120,000 units, and in Europe too it is enjoying continuously increasing popularity. The efficiently configured equipment package is available in clamping-force categories from 600 to 5.300 kN, and for the processor it allows competitive production of simple standard parts with high energy-efficiency, repeatability, and precision. At Fakuma 2015, a MAII900 machine manufactures a salad cup made of PP, which is extracted from a Sepro Linear robot.
The lid for the cup, also made of PP, is produced by a fully-electric 1500 kN Zhafir Venus II Series in 4 seconds. The appropriate molds for the 2+2-cavity stack mold and also for the cup were made available to the Axmann Company.
Since its launch in 2007, the Venus Series has established itself worldwide as an attractively priced and high-performance alternative to hydraulic solutions. More than 5,000 Venus machines have been delivered to date.
The Jupiter II Series 4500 plus is Haitian’s smallest two-platen solution so far with its energy-saving servo-hydraulic “Mars technology drive”. The JUII4500 plus has been optimized again just recently to meet specific customer demands from the European automobile industry  hence the addition “plus” to the name. The new, decentralized locking system brings even more dynamics in terms of clamping and achieves significantly shorter dry-cycle times.
“We already know it’s going to be a busy autumn season for us”, says Xiang Linfa. “In September we will break ground on the new production hall. Beginning in 2016, as currently planned, we will then be able to assemble a considerable part of our machines for Europe”. When the second plant is finally completed, Haitian International Germany will expand the production area by approx. 7,500 m², reaching a total of more than 12,000 m².

Fakuma hall A1 – stand 1101-1103

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