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BOY presents its clamping force range at Equiplast

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From 30th May to 5th June 2023, the Spanish plastics trade fair Equiplast opens doors to numerous trade visitors. At the internationally oriented event in Barcelona, the German machine manufacturer BOY (Hall 3 / booth D 72) presents three of its injection moulding machines in the clamping force range from 63 to 1,250 kN.

The smallest BOY injection moulding machine in terms of clamping force, which is the BOY XXS with 63 kN, produces bottle openers made of a glass-fibre reinforced Polyamide during the trade fair. Due to its table-top design, the BOY XXS provides comprehensive perspectives for micro and sprueless single-cavity injection moulding.

The BOY XXS does not use the common piston plasticising for this machine size, but a screw plasticising from 8 to 18 mm according to the “first in first out” principle. Maximum specific injection pressures of up to 2.750 bar are available.

The two-platen clamping unit is specially designed for micro moulds of many renowned standard manufacturers. A BOY XXS injection unit that can be moved by 25 mm guarantees a decentralised gating.

Counterpart to the BOY XXS is the BOY 125 E with 1,250 kN clamping force. The largest BOY injection moulding machine offers an energy-efficient and precise parts production (max. injection weight 309.2 g) on a compact footprint of 5.22 m². At the Equiplast, 65 g airworthy Frisbee discs made of ABS plastics are produced. The large two-platen clamping system of the BOY 125 E with a tie-bar distance of 470 mm (horizontal) and 430 mm (vertical) is also suitable for the use of large-format moulds.

Like all machines of the BOY E-series, the BOY 125 E is equipped with an efficient and energy-saving servo drive. In combination with the EconPlast plasticising technology used by BOY and depending on the kind of application, the energy consumption of this modern production machine is reduced by up to 75 % in comparison with machines with older injection moulding technologies.

BOY “picks up” the trend of increasing automation in the plastics industry with the application on trade fair exhibit BOY 35 E. In combination with the BOY-developed LR 5 Linear Handling System, the four-bar BOY 35 E (350 kN clamping force) with EconPlast unit produces delicatessen trays made of NAS 30. The injection moulded parts made of a food-safe material are removed from the mould by the BOY LR 5 and placed on a conveyor belt. Due to the space-saving positioning of the Linear Handling System on the machine and the compact integration of the conveyor belt within the required safety gate, only a small footprint is required for this fully automated application.

C.T. SERVICIO S.A., BOY’s successful and partnership-based representative for many years, is looking forward to the many promising discussions at Equiplast, to new contacts and successful business transactions.


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