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Arburg Technology Days 2019

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Tecnoplast has partecipated at Arburg Technology Days in Lossburg (Germany). This year around 6,000 visitors from 53 countries registered with us.
We met Managing Directors, they reported on how things currently stand with Arburg’s digitalisation strategy.

“Spanning 20 years, the Technology Days have become an international venue for the industry that have no equal. In the past years we have hosted a total of around 88,000 guests from across the globe at our event. This year around 6,000 visitors from 53 countries registered with us. The press event has been firm fixture of the Technology Days since 2003. Many of you take advantage of this opportunity in March to obtain first-hand information about new ARBURG products and trends in plastics processing” said Michael Hehl, Managing Partner.

Michael Hehl

A further successful ARBURG year in 2018

“Cnsolidated sales for 2018 will amount to around 750 million euros! If we were to follow the practice of various companies in their announcements and take out exchange rate effects, that figure would be even higher. Either way, we are delighted to be able to report such a successful result again in 2018 on top of the company’s positive development in recent years.
We started the new year with a plump order book, so as always, our production capacities are well-utilised.
Since 2010 we have enjoyed a period of unprecedented, more or less uninterrupted growth over the former years. And in fact, for years we have been running at full capacity – which was almost a little too much for our infrastructure!
We therefore intend to use the settling-down in the order situation for consolidation and at least try to take a breather. I’m not referring to consolidation in terms of accounts, but of organization, processes and projects. By doing so, we can push ahead even more intensively with our medium-range growth strategy” said Jürgen Boll, Managing Director Finance, Controlling, IT.

Jurgen Boll

Situation across markets

“Now to our current situation: as ever, Germany is our prime market. In the rest of Europe – without Germany – this role continues to be held by Italy and abroad, the USA.
Overall, based on euros, the value of incoming orders for machinery and peripheral equipment was slightly higher than the very encouraging level of the previous year. Looking at key trends and changes, we can sum up the development as follows:
– further growth in electric machinery in all clamping force classes.
– above-average increase in the large ALLROUNDERs (2,500 kN to 6,500 kN), multi-component machines and turnkey systems, the “no-worries” production package for our customers.
The importance of the individual segments in our portfolio is better reflected by their share of incoming orders – again on the basis of euros:
The share of electric ALLROUNDERs rose again by three percentage points to more than 30 %.
In this segment precisely, we offer our users a full range of machines:
from the GOLDEN ELECTRIC entry series to the EDRIVE series through to our high-end ALLDRIVE series, which is also further split into different performance classes.
And that’s not all: hybrid machines with electrical clamping units round off the package to perfection.
Together, the electric and hybrid machines notch up a very respectable share of 50 %!” said Gerhard Böhm, Managing Director Sales.

Gerhard Bohm

The “Road to Digitalisation”

“The “Road to Digitalisation” thus covers the entire company, with the main focus on the Efficiency Arena. Highlights here include our new customer portal “arburgXworld” and the filling simulation with the GESTICA control system and the IT connectivity of injection moulding machines and their environment.”ArburgXworld” is now available to customers in Germany. We will use this online service marketplace to present our services in a clear format and will continue to extend them in the future.
We are kicking off with three applications (apps) in the cloud, which can be used via a PC or mobile device:
1. the “Machine Center” brings transparency to production and minimises organisational effort.
2. The “Service Center” lets you launch tickets 24/7.
3. And in the “Shop”, customers can easily order spare parts directly online around the clock.
On an ALLROUNDER 920 H we demonstrate the potential of the filling simulation integrated into the GESTICA control” said Heinz Gaub, Managing Director Technology & Engineering.

Heinz Gaub

Visiting Arburg headquarter

We visited the Arburg headquarter, with many innovations and advances to be admired in Lossburg, including our ongoing construction work and investments in our production plant, logistics and infrastructure.

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