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Icma San Giorgio at K 2019

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icma san giorgio K2019

ICMA will present new compounding and extrusion lines all powered by its unique twin screw co-rotating extruders, designed for plastic recycling and new biodegradable plastic compounds to tackle the demanding challenges of sustainability posed by modern economies.

In advanced recycling one major advance is ICMA’s “ONE-STEP” UP-CYCLING concept, a specifically conceived line where only one ICMA extruder, selected among its extended co-rotating families, can perform a wide range of processing tasks from just recycling to re-compounding of different industrial or post-consumer plastic scrap (Film, Rigid packaging, WEEE…. ) at the highest quality standards and output yields.

These lines bring all the benefits of a co-rotating compounding extruder in terms of flexibility, incorporation of fillers/modifiers, process performance. These lines are engineered to have a sole extruder instead of other systems requiring more extruders/or in-line “big cooker” in combination. In summary, one-step system delivering a simpler line with embedded a high degree of flexibility for current and future processing tasks and expected minimal energy costs.

In Direct Extrusion, ICMA will present the huge potential of its two frontier projects in recycling/up-cycling, ECOIMPATTO™ and ECOSHEET-PRO™ technology, an EU funded project that required more than 2 years of developments to complete. These lines are conceived to produce sheets or profile of different thickness and structures from plastic scrap but with significant technical performance because of the research.

Finally, we will be glad to talk about our Compounding Turnkey plants for producing biocompounds and generally for compounding applications with videos and recent executions. Companies willing to start new operations or factories will find in ICMA a very experienced and “easy to talk” team with several decades of successful installations worldwide, able to act as “sole” engineer for a complete plant execution.


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