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Open House: The Doss Generation in Erbusco (BS), Italy on April 10th – 12th 2019

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Stefano Capoferri CEO Doss

Doss Visual Solution manufacturers of Automatic Visual Inspection Machinery are delighted to announce the upcoming event:

Open House: The Doss Generation in Erbusco (BS), Italy on April 10th – 12th 2019.

Doss Visual Solution Headquarters, their R&D facility along with production is based in Erbusco (BS), Italy and have nearly 30 years of experience in the field of Automatic Visual Inspection Machines and have installation bases worldwide

Doss Visual Solution are hosting this event to mark new and important milestones within their company, to unveil and showcase new breakthrough innovations in automatic visual inspection machines, to introduce their expanding team members along with visions for Doss future developments.

We had the pleasure to meet up with Mr. Stefano Capoferri, CEO of Doss Visual Solution, who explained the focus of the Open House.

2018 was an important year for Doss…

Yes, indeed it was an important year for us. Important investments were made which has given us great, new and exciting opportunities for the company to go forward just to give you three examples:

We now have an additional fifteen new staff members which have and will continue to contribute to raising the companies’ skills, both in the technical and commercial fields.

We have set up the new Research and Development department that deals solely with creating new solutions to be proposed to customers in a proactive way, anticipating market demands and decreasing the time-to-market of products.

We then focused on the internationalization of the company with goals to expand further outside of Europe to become global by creating after-sales offices in China, USA and India and showrooms in Detroit and Taipei.

Why are Automatic Visual Inspection Machines important? And what industries can benefit from them?

Our automatic visual inspection machines help to guarantee the best quality of parts in rubber, plastics, elastomers, metals, etc. by sorting out any defective components that do not meet the manufacturers specific quality criteria and parameters. This ultimately results in ensuring higher accuracy, productivity and efficiency of the manufactured parts.

A wide spectrum of industries can benefit from our machines including:
• Automotive and aerospace industry for articles such as O-rings and oil seals
• Fashion industry for applications such as buttons and buckles
• Medical and Pharmaceutical industry for applications such as plugs, parts for medical devices
• Precision mechanic parts such as nuts and bolts
• Parts for household products and electrical devices

Why do you think an Open House is a good opportunity for business?

An Open House event is a good business opportunity on many levels. For potential new customers it allows our technology experts to be able to demonstrate to them how using one of our Doss range of innovative machines can help ensure the quality of products by identifying any irregularities.

Whether they are a potential, new or existing customers an Open House Event is an ideal way to promote Doss as a forward thinking, progressive company that has used recent investments wisely. By using our new staffing technical expertise, our new R&D department along with the thoughts and requirements of our customer client base has enabled us to enhance our machines and innovations to an even greater level for which we will be delighted to showcase and demonstrate

Can I just mention that we will also be introducing Sintattica – Doss Software Partners who will be there to present their solutions of management software for visual inspection.

We would all like to invite you to all to our Open House Event to witness daily live demonstrations showing our un-matched performance and precision of Doss Automatic Visual Inspection Machinery

Following the discussion with Mr. Stefano Capoferri (CEO) we also had a brief discussion with Mr. Hemiliano Berselli, Site Manager of Doss, to ask him about the Doss company and its Visual Solution products.

All of us here at Doss Automatic Visual Inspection Machines intend to continue in what has always been our path.
We have almost 30 years of experience under our belt our aim is and always has been to produce high quality solutions that are developed internally, with a focus on ‘Made in Italy’

We are very proud of what has been achieved and we are looking forward to presenting our new generation machine during the Open House Event.

In the Doss project, we have established partnerships with a vast range of important producers in major sectors such as the medical, automotive, aerospace and food industries. We are finding that the fundamental requirement to integrate vision solutions into the strategic production of products is increasing as industries as a whole demand greater accuracy and efficiency. Here at Doss we have used our long experience and technical expertise to create an outstanding and winning product on the market so please do come and see what we have to offer…

To participate in the Doss Open House Event please send your request to infodoss@doss.it

To be held at:
via dell’Industria 57
25030 Erbusco (BS)

Hemiliano Berselli , Site Manager di Doss

Hemiliano Berselli , Site Manager Doss

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