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Zambello Group: large investments in two production sites

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Zambello Group

Zambello Group, the leading manufacturer of gearboxes for extruder drive, has just made large investments in two production sites (Magnago and Lendinara), in order to achieve very important objectives to consolidate its leadership at world level.

Zambello Group is today more than ever before in the core of an evolutionary phase, based on a significant worldwide growth.
Considering the needs of the world of extrusion with which we are very familiar and which we have been committed to fulfilling for over 50 years, with enthusiasm for new challenges to come, the Zambello family in this period is making important changes:
Expansion of production facilities
– New operating machinery of the highest level of efficiency in order to guarantee a strong increase of productivity
Automatic warehouse with an impressive stock of spare parts, for logistic improvement of production and consequent benefits in terms of delivery.

Both production sites have been expended, increasing by around 65% of the total surface covered, which today is of nearly 20.000 square meters total on the 130.000 square meters industrial area purchased for further increase of production.
In order to considerably increase the production capacity and to further shorten delivery time, both plant are equipped with new CNC machineries of high precision and productivity and very efficient equipments.

A new massive automatic warehouse allows to stock almost all components of the gearboxes, as well as approximately 20.000 gears and pinions, most of which are reserved to clients c.d. “fidelity“, who place orders on annual or half-annual program basis, allowing Zambello group to guarantee almost instant delivery or, in any case, to considerably shorten the delivery period.
In these last few years remarkable results of the new products performance have also been reached, such as gearboxes for twin-screw extruder (both counter-rotating and co-rotating) which are now available also with torque density of the highest level.
New products have been also introduced, such as the gearboxes for conical twin-screw extruder and expanding of the range of various products sets with the availability of new additional sizes are ongoing.

Special custom made gearboxes, always in relation to extrusion and mixing industries, compete the range of Zambello products.

Zambello Group

Alessandro Feller (Zambello Group) at K 2016

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