Molecor reaffirms its commitment to the Circular Economy by celebrating “World Recycling Day”

18 May 2023

World Recycling Day is celebrated on May 17, its objective is to raise awareness in society of the importance of carrying out a correct recycling of the waste generated in our daily activity.

Currently there is a worldwide concern about the depletion of resources that human activity is generating on the planet. For Europe, it is a priority to achieve a completely sustainable economy in the year 2030, and through its Circular Economy Strategy it is making significant progress in its objective.

Molecor is fully committed to preserving the Environment, with the Circular Economy being one of the fundamental pillars of the company’s activity. First of all, all its products are eco-designed from their conception, making sustainable use of resources and minimizing material consumption, as well as showing high durability and total recyclability.

PVC is the majority of the waste generated in the productive activity, it is reused as a new resource in the manufacture of new pipes and fittings, thus avoiding the consumption of new raw materials, and minimizing the generation of real waste from the activity to practically zero waste.

To improve the circularity of Oriented PVC (PVC-O) pipes and fittings, Molecor has developed geoTOM®, a geolocation application that has a double function: on the one hand, it initially allows the user to unequivocally establish a location map of each one of the pipes in the network, and on the other hand, it favors the recycling of the pipes at the end of their long life cycle, estimated at more than 100 years. This second function is possible since the application provides information on the situation and the type of buried pipe, so it is possible to proceed with its uninstallation and send it for recycling to thus convert it into a new source of resources.

All these actions carried out in favor of the Circular Economy have reduced the environmental impact of Molecor’s activity, a task in which it continues to work daily to continue showing its commitment to caring for the planet.

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