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60 years in the game: play with us and find out about the history of FIMIC

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A strong team that loves a challenge. That’s FIMIC!

“We’ve decided to celebrate our first 60 years with a game. It’ll be an unforgettable adventure, learning about the milestones that made us what we are today, as well as what is always in our company’s heart: Recycling.

A magic box and a special game that will tell our story.

To celebrate such an important achievement, we want to reward those who renew their faith in us every day, because for us there’s no one more important than our customers.

We had the idea to create a special box that will tell FIMIC’s story, describing the many challenges overcomed and the goals achieved, which over time have made us a leading company in the plastic recycling technology industry.

Of course, to collect sixty years into a box may seem like an impossible task…but then again, what is recycling if not an act of magic?

 Our team are superheroes! At FIMIC, we have superpowers and we use them in everything we do: the courage to be bold in groundbreaking ways, improving the filtration process when it was still fully manual; the desire to think outside the box, continuing to design and build all our products almost completely internally in our facilities; and the strength to embrace change, removing, even in the face of difficulties, the word “impossible” from our vocabulary.

 That’s how our innovative machines and technologies were created, the product of Italian craftsmanship, and over time they’ve become synonymous with industry excellence, helping to make mechanical recycling systems ever more effective and high performing. Great many FIMIC installations demonstrate this – especially our melt filters for treating plastic materials, our flagship products – which we have exported worldwide, taking Italian engineering and attention to detail with them wherever they go.

Our game is packed with gadgets and surprises and you’ll learn lots of fascinating things about the history of FIMIC. Which is, first and foremost, the history of a group.

Because if magic is real, for us it’s our united, passionate team that believes in the work it does, with the enthusiasm and energy to push itself a little further every time.

The game will also teach you interesting facts about recycling, to which FIMIC has always been committed.

Indeed, our mission from the start has been to improve the recyclability of materials in order to reduce pollution. A mission that we also pursue as co-founders of Are You R, a European project aimed at raising awareness of the importance of recycling plastics, which through our international social networks reaches hundreds of thousands of people each day across many countries.

But that’s not all: aware of how respect for nature and the environment is learned when we are young, this year we are especially proud to have published our first children’s book: “The magical journey of the Plastic Bottle and RAS-UP” – which will be included in the box: an extraordinary adventure about recycling, which you can also hear on Spotify.

But the surprises we have in store don’t finish there! We’re getting ready to welcome lots of customers and professionals at the upcoming exhibitions, with a great new development…or perhaps we should say huge?!

The stand we have designed will welcome and amaze with games and surprises all our visitors. We can’t reveal any more, so the best thing is to come and find us at Plast, from 5th to 8th September, Stand 142 (Pavilion 15).

Come and find us at the trade show to learn about our latest new developments, pick up your box and get ready to play with us”.

Fimic looks forward to seeing you at Plast Milan (5th-8th September)


PLAST: Pavilion 15, Stand 142!

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