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The IMA Group wins its bet in the field of assembly machinery with Telerobot

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Alberto Vacchi, IMA and Riccardo Servetti, Telerobot

Following the acquisition of Telerobot S.p.A. in 2016, IMA not only significantly strengthened its presence in Automation, i.e. automatic assembly platforms, but also positioned itself as one of the most innovative world leaders in this sector. IMA S.p.A.’s commitment to being a key player in Automation is confirmed by its purchase of ATOP, which operates in the world of electric vehicles.

IMA Automation Telerobot, with its 40 years of experience, has re-launched its offer on the world market. As the reference company in machinery for the assembly of traditional and innovative materials in the caps and closures division, with operations based in Alessandria, over the past two years it has renewed itself by doubling the production area, creating employment and developing skills in the area and investing in new technologies with a view to flexibility and fast delivery times.

The company, a valued exponent of the Alessandria economy, has organised an Open House at its new facilities on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 May 2019 to present to its customers the innovations it intends to introduce to the market by offering solutions in line with any type of request for automatic assembly.

The event is showcasing a wide range of solutions for the assembly of multi-component closures made of plastic and aluminium. The range of platforms on display includes high-speed continuous machines that represent Telerobot’s established technology, and new continuous and indexing motion platforms to meet new market needs, with an eye to the European Single-Use Plastics Directive on tethered caps, which will come into force in the next few years.

Innovations include the EASY SMART, a continuous technology machine with fixed driving cam, the ideal solution for simple assemblies, which guarantees fast delivery times and easy installation. ELEKTRA, on the other hand, is the state of the art for continuous assembly in terms of performance and re-usability, being the first fully electronic machine on the market, with servo-controlled movements that allow rapid parametrisation via software. Last but not least, EVO FLEX ROTARY completes the portfolio of innovations; this is a machine with indexing, compact and electronic technology, perfect for the assembly of more complex closures, composed of a large number of components that require extreme precision and flexibility.

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