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Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri yesterday, MARFRAN today: new brand, new color, same DNA

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Ten years have passed from the managing by out that gave birth to Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri, a decades-long history that begins in 1987 and continues today; a path projected towards a future whose new stimuli and impulses do nothing but enrich the offer and service.

2020 supposed to be the year of celebrations and big news. We wanted to celebrate this milestone with all customers and partners, sharing values, commitment and new perspectives with an event to present all the news. Then we all had to face “a new challenge”.
The passion we put into our work, our willingness to accept changes looking for new solutions and our faith in the future have made us resist: because we know that we can do it, because we know the value of sinergy, because we fulfil our undertakings, because we never stop learning, because we are proud to be part of the project and we represent it. We have chosen not to give up on our project: a rebranding for a company that has always focused on sight of sinergy with partners, in a context of continuous innovation
.” declares the company.

A new logo that enchane two key features of company identity: what done, elastomers, because tangibility typify all the operations, and how done, passionately, because the commitment and dedication brought to work are what makes MARFRAN unique.

A new color, the MARFRAN Blue, created and choosen to sum up the identity in a nutshell, innovative, but transpired from a fusion of all of the colours that adorned the company logo over the years.

A new identity deeply rooted in the past.

MARFRAN products include a complete range of TPE and TPO, characterized by high performance in a wide range of applications and areas of the transforming industry, from automotive to sports, from household appliances to personal care, from of buildings to the medical one.
MARFRAN.MED compounds, in particular, are intended for use in medical and pharmaceutical fields, for which the company has developed products for biocompatible devices, as well as materials suitable for personal protective equipment.
Among the recent developments, the MASTER.MSTR compounds, foaming agente masterbatches with concentrations up to 65%, in order to propose different levels and modes of expansion, developed thanks to the innovative production process that allows a homogeneous dispersion of the active ingredient inside the support and makes them compatible with the most common plastics such as TPE-S, polyolefins, PVC, EVA, EPDM, polyurethane etc.


Today Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri is MARFRAN, a new brand to convey a ever-existing passion

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