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Technical Plast: manufacturing of plastics and moulds

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Technical Plast

Technical Plast has been operating since 1977 in the manufacturing of plastics and of moulds, and in the moulding of engineering plastics with high technological content in order to develop products of high technical performance and maximum dimensional accuracy, assisting clients in the industrialization of their products – part analysis, design, development and testing of the mould.

Metal replacement with reinforced engineering polymers allowing for same functional properties at lower costs is specifically Technical Plast’s specialty. We offer our vast technical knowledge and expertise gained over 40 years of experience, in which, thanks to collaborations with major suppliers and research centres, we have developed a thorough knowledge of the key factors essential for effective and efficient metal replacement.

Technical Plast has been driven by passion and competence for what we’ve been doing to advance innovation on the industry so that we can enhance performances further and continue to deliver high-standard tailor-made solutions to support our clients in achieving their goals.

Our vision and our core values reflect our ambition and who we are:

Innovation – we task ourselves not just to improve the technology, but also the project management to advance the quality and efficiency of our service.

Integrity – we are flexible with the means to find the best solutions for our clients, not with our commitments: we do what we say.

Passion – we are genuinely passionate about what we do and dedicated to our clients’ needs.

People our competent resources are our best asset: a relentless commitment to enhance competitiveness, an unyielding drive to excellence and efficiency.

Since becoming part of the EPA SGR Group, Technical Plast has further grown, and has made significant new investments in technology, automation, and training of our specialized team to be even more solid, dynamic and efficient internationally.

Technical Plast

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