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RadiciGroup’s focus at Fakuma 2015

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Radici Group Fakuma 2015

High-performance materials for metal replacement and the electrical, water and plumbing industries.

RadiciGroup is showcasing its PBT, TPE and POM polyamide engineering plastics at the Fakuma international trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The focus is on the Group’s most recent innovations for metal replacement and the electrical, water and plumbing industries. And taking centre stage are the RADISTRONG®, RADILON® and RADIFLAM® brands – a portfolio of product lines created through innovative performance- and sustainability-driven development work. Performance and sustainability are the two closely correlated features that determine the success of the products and services offered by the RadiciGroup Plastics Business Area.
For metal replacement: RADISTRONG® A, a feather in RadiciGroup’s cap… A speciality polyamide featuring technical characteristics that make it an ideal solution for critical applications requiring high performance levels not achievable by conventional engineering plastics.

“The use of engineering plastics for metal replacement is of central importance,” said Erico Spini, marketing & application development director of RadiciGroup Plastics. “Replacing metal assemblies with plastic ones is going to become more and more commonplace in the various industrial sectors that make up the target market for our products – automotive, electrical/electronics and machinery, to cite just a few. Using plastics means lighter weight, greater product design freedom, less wear and tear, and contributing to lowering CO2 emissions, while achieving the best performance.”

“All these advantages translate into significant cost savings and more,” Mr. Spini continued. “Plastic parts deliver excellent technical performance, can more easily be disposed of, offer a greater opportunity for recycling and reuse, and have a longer life cycle. These are important characteristics that allow our customers and us to improve our sustainability performance. Now, RADISTRONG® A is available in the following versions: 50% or 60% glass-fibre-reinforced, black or natural colour, and heat stabilized.”

Compared to conventional polyamides, RADISTRONG® A features:

Superior tensile strength at break and stiffness, all the more evident after water absorption
Good fluidity
Excellent surface appearance

For the water and plumbing industries… The RadiciGroup product portfolio comprises 30% and 50% glass-fibre-filled PA6.6 specialities, such as RADILON® A RV300RKC and RADILON® A RV500RKC, featuring enhanced resistance to hydrolytic degradation in hot water. These engineering plastics are formulated and certified for use in contact with drinking water and in applications requiring high resistance to hot water. Additionally, RadiciGroup offers RADILON® D RKC thermoplastics: enhanced performance, sustainable, 30%-to-60% glass-fibre-reinforced PA 6.10 products.

For the electrical/electronics sector… At Fakuma 2015, RadiciGroup is also showcasing RADIFLAM® ARV250 HF 3003 BK, its latest addition to the halogen- and red-phosphorus-free flame-retardant RADIFLAM® product line mainly targeted at the electrical market. This flame-retardant UL94 V-0-rated material, developed for solar photovoltaic power applications, was officially introduced last May at PLAST 2015 in Italy. Besides flame retardancy, the performance characteristics of this 25% glass-fibre-reinforced PA6.6 include good mechanical properties and high resistance to UV rays, weathering and hot/humid cycles.

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