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B(L)ACK to WHITE with Ultra System

The color change from black to white, usually one of the most difficult and time-consuming, can take place in a very short time using the Ultra Plast grade PO-E-CS

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ultra system

In a world where plastic is increasingly banned, we should close our eyes for a moment and try to really imagine a world without plastic.
It would be completely impossible: many clothes would no longer exist, food conservation would be very difficult, not to mention the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors, without thinking about furniture, modern pipes and so on.
A world without plastic could not exist and therefore we make own the motto:

ULTRA SYSTEM, a name that over the years has become synonymous with excellence, optimization of color change processes, material changes, preventive maintenance, machine downtime, but above all synonymous with waste reduction.

ultra systemThanks to the correct use of ULTRA PLAST, latest generation purging compounds, all this was and it’s still possible.
The main target of Ultra System is to help thermoplastic materials processors to reduce the time for a color/material change, quickly, effectively and above all without waste.
As everybody knows in the recent years the use of scouring products has grown exponentially, synonymous with the awareness on the part of processors that waste is no longer acceptable and that quality still makes the difference.
Of course, the quality itself that our technicians have achieved in the formulations of ULTRA PLAST plays the fundamental role.
Materials without any abrasive ingredients, without the need of soaking time, without smoke neither bad smell during the purging operations, fast and efficient, with over ten certifications each, this is what our customers obtain by working with Ultra System.
ultra systemConstantly informed on the latest developments in terms of polymers and masterbatches, ULTRA SYSTEM technicians develop and adapt existing ULTRA PLAST products to specific needs, creating “tailor-made” solutions and materials.
Thanks to the network of distributors and agents throughout the world, a widespread presence and closeness to customers is possible, guaranteeing, when possible, the presence of our technicians at the first application test, also carrying out training activities for the operators.
A recent test which has been performed on a well-known extrusion blow molding machine, producing tanks on HDPE, demonstrated how the color change from black to white, usually one of the most difficult and time-consuming, can take place in a very short time using the Ultra Plast grade PO-E-CS, specific for EBM for a deep cleaning of the screw.
The customer usually took more than 6 hours to complete the color change process and it was necessary to use tons of virgin material, resulting in a considerable production of waste.
By using only 20 kg of the product PO-E-CS the time was reduced to just 45 minutes and the result was perfect.

Of course, and it couldn’t be different, Ultra System has always been sensitive to the green arguments, setting the waste reduction as its primary target, drastically reducing the time needed for a color change or a change of material, consequently reducing the amount of energy used and therefore less carbon footprint.
A good use of purging compounds and a professional recycling of waste can therefore avoid high production costs and unfavorable consequences for future generations.
Ultra System has also always and constantly listened to market demands, has managed to develop cutting-edge materials and has established collaborations with companies producing machines, moulds, hot-runners and raw materials; the circle is therefore closed.

Ultra System celebrates 20 years

This year Ultra System will celebrate its 20 years, 20 years of innovations, studies and research, tenacity, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and modern vision, which have never been lacking in the two entrepreneurs who in 2004 joined forces and created an ambitious project, which in 2010 was joined by a third person, creating an innovative and solid company. Ultra System has been able to maintain and evolve its passion over the years, transferring it not only to its collaborators, but also to agents and distributors all over the world, thus becoming a lighthouse and a fixed point within the world of plastics.

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