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Plas Mec at Interplastica 2018! Leadership and innovation in mixing plastic powders

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Plas Mec interplastica 2018

Plas Mec is at INTERPLASTICA 2018, Moscow, RUSSIA, 23-26 Genuary 2018. Hall 2.2 – Stand B04

PLAS MEC is an Italian Company manufacturing equipment and accessories for the mixing of plastic materials (PVC, PE, PP, ABS), technical and special polymers (PA, PC, PU, PET, PTFE and others), powder coatings resins, wood-plastics composites, master-batch, additives, pigments, thermoplastic rubber etc. PLAS MEC is recognized from years as a world leader in construction and supply of mixing systems for plastic powders. This year is the 50th anniversary of the foundation from which PLAS MEC has built over 6000 machines delivered all over the world. One of the distinguishing features of the company is its flexibility in designing and providing high-tech solutions “tailored” to the customer. PLAS MEC is known for manufacturing sturdy, long-lasting machinery that maintains the highest levels of production quality. This also stems from the decision to maintain a key part of the production within the company, so as to keep a watchful eye over every detail of the machinery.

The state of the art of PLAS MEC consists of: Turbomixers “TRM” reference point for performance and reliability; Horizontal Coolers “HEC” and Container Mixers “TRR”, leader in flexibility. In PVC dry-blending an important role is played from the cooling after the heating mixing process, therefore the cooler has to cool down the mixed PVC temperature as fast as possible to maximize productivity and improve final quality of PVC. PLAS MEC which has been a pioneer in developing the first horizontal coolers more than thirty years ago, thanks to the latest technologies of thermofluidodynamic modelling, has recently developed the new HEC cooler where the water circuit design enhances cooling efficiency enabling a significant increase of the performance and therefore of the productivity of the whole mixing plant. The new jacket can withstand a working pressure up to 2.5 bar, a typical pressure of factory closed circuit chillers. This, in addition to increasing the efficiency of heat exchange, solves many critical issues typical of closed circuit chillers. Thanks to PLAS MEC, today it is a straightforward task to cool more than 8 batches per hour of U-PVC dry-blend from 120°C to 40°C.

PLAS MEC has recently equipped itself with a renewed research and development department with machines dedicated to carry out specific tests on an industrial scale for customers, either for testing performance and for developing new technological solutions.


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