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Innovative automatic dosing system for the plastic industry

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Automatic Dosing and Storage System

Color Service has built an innovative and reliable system applied to the Plastic Industry that guarantees 24/7 Repeatability, Traceability and High Accuracy of the dosing process of any pigment and additive.

Dosing StationsThe revolutionary system allows the simultaneous dosing of the pigments stored inside dedicated storage stations through an accurate dispensing device.

In particular, the machine moves the container under all the dispensing points, receiving the components according to the recipe to produce; if the container is under the right storage station, the dosing cycle is achieved.

ContainerRecipes can be dosed directly into a bucket or in identified bags created by the Color Service system in a completely automatic way.
In addition, to ensure product’s traceability, an identification label can be printed and applied automatically in the dosed bags. This is a fundamental characteristic that allows each individual recipe to be traced.

The Dosing System can be flanked by the Automatic Storage System: it automates the collection of the boxes containing the powders according to the recipe, it transports each box to the operator’s pick up manual weighing position which receives the various boxes from the warehouse one at time and in a predetermined order, based on recipe to produce.

Subsequently, through the Manual Weighing System the operator guided by an on-board PC that provides all the information necessary for the weighing of the desired recipe, manually doses the product.

The benefits of the Color Service technology are significant. It allows consistent production, very precise recipe avoiding human error and it offers absolute control of the dust emitted during the product’s dosing and weighing phase, suitable to meet the current regulations in terms of environmental safety.
The company relies on a R&D Department focusing on the constant upgrade of existing products as well as on the creation of new ones that, thanks to its capillary presence in the worldwide network, are thought of, designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of the customer.

In addition, Color Service provides a 24/7 assistance service that guarantees the customer the continuous support of specialized technicians available remotely or on site in case of any problem, as well as providing preventive maintenance visits to the system, to keep it always in good condition and monitored.

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