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HSD Mechatronics launches the Electrospindle 4.0 project

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Following the official announcement by the Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli of its appointment as Lighthouse Plant of the Smart Factory Cluster for the super-innovative Zero Defects Manufacturing project, HSD Mechatronics presents the Elettrospindle 4.0 project. The interconnected electrospindle represents a challenge in the realisation of a new generation of innovative products, and a prototype zero-defect production line. It is based on collecting and using data from products and production processes to detect defects at any level and thus provide optimal use and project models.

Through a coordinated action on the territory, HSD Mechatronics will involve two academic realities, the Polytechnic University of Marche and Sapienza University of Rome, and an SME, EN4 of Perugia, to concretely test the Light House Plant project even in its planning phase.

The objective behind the involvement of these realities is to launch an innovative territorial industrial ecosystem in favor of SMEs and of training organizations to promote the creation of advanced digital skills in all the areas of interest: a virtuous circle that is not meant to be limited to innovative products or factories but that should have an impact on the entire supply chain, also promoting the skills and professionalism of those who will work with these products. And, in this regard, a new three-year Degree Course in Engineering for Industrial Eco-sustainability has been introduced. The Course will be launched by the Polytechnic University of Marche in 2022 in collaboration with HSD and other local companies, proving the strong bond that links the company to the territory and the academic world. The Degree Course will be based in Pesaro/Fano with the objective of training an industrial engineer capable of designing and manufacturing eco-sustainable and energy- efficient products and production processes, which are strategic drivers for the design of goods and services of the coming years.

Fabrizio Pierini, HSD Division General Manager, said: “For HSD, the goal of this very valuable project is to create a digitised, interconnected, smart, resilient supply chain focused on quality and time-to-market. This is why the Lighthouse Plant aims to become the first Zero Defects Lighthouse Plant, a centralised control room able to detect defects at any level of construction and operation and provide optimal models. So it is about openness and sharing of know-how, information and data in a win-win logic in which the winners are customers, suppliers, the company and the local system”.

Luca Manuelli, President of Cluster Fabbrica Italiana added, “With HSD’s new Lighthouse Plant, the Smart Factory Cluster (CFI) reaffirms its mission to accompany the evolution of Italian manufacturing industries towards the next technological frontiers that are essential for our competitiveness”.

The event was held digitally and featured high-level speakers who explored the following topics: “Zero Defects” for a Sustainable and Resilient Country; the End-to-End supply chain and the “Zero Defects” development of SMEs; Artificial intelligence and machine learning for zero defects.

The project, which will impact on three HSD product families, is divided into 11 implementation objectives for the study of innovative products and production processes integrated with the supply chain, interventions on product sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

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