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Gamma Meccanica: new business in Turkish and Japanese markets

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gamma meccanica gm_90-compac- k 2016

The Italian company Gamma Meccanica S.p.A., which has specialized in the manufacturing of plastics recycling lines since 1987, has expanded its business in the Turkish and Japanese markets.

In Turkey Gamma Meccanica completed a contract with a major customer. The line is a GM125 Compac for recycling of production waste: PP, PE. This line comprises: Compac feed with Cutter-compactor, single-screw extruder with degassing, screen changer and pelletizer. integrated and compact solution.
The COMPAC cutter compactor is equipped with the ECOTRONIC system for the electronic power control which provides significant energy savings. Water is no longer used to control temperature.
ECOTRONIC offering also the possibility of recycling materials with high moisture. An important feature is the presence of the feeding screw which guarantees a steady controlled flow of material into the extruder. The extruder has a degassing station with two ports to facilitate the escape of gases produced during the melting of the material. New extruder screw designs have been incorporated to increase the production outputs of the machines.
The barrel is heated by the optimum heaters for this type of application.
The exterior casing has improved insulation with ceramic fiber to prevent heat loss and ensure increased energy efficiency.

The Compac’s feeding screw, together other technical features that characterize the high quality of the Gamma Meccanica recycling lines, was fundamental in the customer’s choice. Comparing the laboratory tests on the quality of the granules produced and the hourly production of the major Italian and qualified foreign manufacturers of recycling plants, the Gamma Meccanica line ensured the best quality recycled granules and especially a higher hourly production. The line produces about 10% more than the competitors’ lines of the same size and in a more constant way.

In Japan, a GM90 Compac line for stretch film and packaging film recycling has been delivered to one of the largest stretch film recycler.
The screw and barrel of the extruder are designed to process different types of plastic material: LDPE, LLDPE, PP.
Also in this case, the comparison of the Gamma Meccanica line with competitors has shown a more constant hourly production, it works in a more automated mode and has a very low energy consumption.

At K 2016 Gamma Meccanica exhibits a GM 65 Compac line, so visitors can see the quality of the equipment. The location is in Hall 9, stand C41.

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