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Rio 2016: RadiciGroup at the Olympics with Radiflam

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After supplying its material for the seats of eight of the major Brazilian stadiums that hosted the Football World Championships in 2014, this year RadiciGroup – a leading producer of a wide range of polyamide, PBT, TPE and POM engineering plastics – is back in Brazil with its Radiflam® S flame retardant polyamide 6 engineering plastics. Five of the venues of the upcoming Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games (5 – 21 August 2016) – Centro Olimpico de Tiro Esportivo, Arena da Juventude, Centro Olimpico de Hóquei, Arena do Futuro, and Centro Aquático Maria Lenk – are, once again, going to bear the RadiciGroup brand name.

The Brazilian market – where RadiciGroup has been present since 1997 with its Radici Plastics Ltda production site – has reconfirmed Radiflam® (specifically Radiflam® S RV300UKHF 3010 BK), a RadiciGroup brand name that stands for high technology, quality and safety, know-how and reliability. This line of polyamide 6 flame-retardant 30%-glass-fibre filled specialties has been used to manufacture the stadium seats and many of their components and accessories (such as, armrests, bolts and supports) for five of the sport venues hosting the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, namely: Centro Olimpico de Tiro Esportivo, Arena da Juventude, Centro Olimpico de Hóquei, Arena do Futuro and Centro Aquático Maria Lenk. More than 10,000 athletes from over 200 countries worldwide, plus 500,000 tourists, are expected at the Rio Olympic Games.

Radiflam® S RV300UKHF 3010 BK ensures that the final plastic parts feature maximum performance in terms of mechanical resistance, flame-retardancy, aesthetic appearance, and resistance to prolonged exposure to UV radiation and aggressive weathering, all the while complying with the Olympic Committee’s stringent regulations on the safety of the sport facilities and the construction sector’s specific technical regulations.

“We were the first in Brazil to supply polyamide engineering plastics approved for use in the manufacture of stadium seat parts,” said Jane Campos, CEO of Radici Plastics Ltda. “The fact that Radiflam® is going to be at the Rio games makes us really proud. During our almost twenty years of activity on the Brazilian market, we have always strived to provide our customers with technological innovation, quality, safety and the highest degree of customization. This is the kind of work we continue to do, thanks to our R&D facilities and our on-site technical support for customer development projects created here in South America, as well as the contribution of our knowledge acquired in Europe and North America.”
Ms. Campos continued: “The fact that we were chosen as suppliers for a prestigious sport event such as the Football World Cup in 2014, and again this year for the Olympic Games, is an important recognition of the technical knowledge and innovative footprint that are the hallmarks of our industrial Group.”

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