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Koch-Technik will be presenting its extensive portfolio at the fair K 2016

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The range of exhibits comprises peripheral devices for mixing, dosing and conveying of plastic materials as well as energy-efficient granulate drying. New in the range of Koch-Technik is the DUO conveying unit for the supply of two demand points with plastic material for processing.

KOCH-TECHNIK introduces its mobile granulate dryers from the KKT range with a new control concept.
Plastics processors are sometimes confronted by tasks which are nearly impossible to fulfil: in spite of a shortage of space, a larger quantity of material needs to be dried optimally alongside the processing machine. The compact and mobile auxiliary dryers from KOCH-TECHNIK’s KKT model series are recommended for situations such as this. These granulate dryers are available as standard for use in all practical applications, but especially for very hygroscopic plastics. KOCH-TECHNIK has further developed its smallest series of dryers to include dry air technology and also kitted them out with a new control system.
The specially developed touch panel control interface replaces the previous control system comprising a plain text display. The user is intuitively guided through the programmes on the panel’s touch-sensitive display. A basic programme dries the material to the residual moisture level required for processing, whereas a fast programme is designed for the highest material throughput rates whilst simultaneously maintaining optimum drying quality. An ECO energy saving programme cleverly adapts the drying process directly to current throughput rates and the initial moisture level of the plastic granulate so as to conserve energy. This makes energy savings of up to 40% possible during the drying process. During operation, the user can clearly display all relevant operating states and information and adjust parameters such as drying time, temperature and dwell time at any stage.

Microfilters, overload protection, air monitoring and temperature limiters also ensure safe operation in the dryer itself. The drying process is continuously monitored by sensors. In order to absorb the moisture from the granulate and to achieve the required residual moisture level of the material being dried, it is possible to generate dry air with a dew point temperature of -35 °C, which equates to just 0.19 g of water per 1 m³ of dry air. The KKT auxiliary dryers have two independently operating drying circuits which provide a permanent supply of dehumidified air, even during regeneration of the desiccant, meaning that the granulate is always guaranteed to be dried evenly. The option of working in very high temperature ranges of up to 180 °C allows even extremely demanding plastics such as PSU, PPS or PECK to be dried. The mobile KKT dryers from KOCH-TECHNIK are available in three sizes with a dry-air volumetric flow rate of 55, 75 or 100 m³/h. Depending on the drying capacity up to four connected drying container are possible. To ensure that the drying containers can be filled conveniently, all intermediate hoppers and conveyors from KOCH-TECHNIK can be mounted in a few quick steps – and the unit can also be easily manoeuvred in narrow passageways.

For more than 40 years, the name of KOCH-TECHNIK has been synonymous with innovation, precision, modular flexibility and cost-effectiveness in the mixing, dosing, conveying, drying and storing of plastic granulates. Use of our equipment and systems in more than 5,000 plastics processing companies around the world is testimony to the acceptance and high efficiency of these systems in everyday production work.

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