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Color Service: Automatic Dosing Systems for the Plastic Industry

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Color service new automatic dosing system

Founded in 1987, Color Service is an Italian company and the producer of Automatic Dosing Systems. With a start in the Textile field and thanks to over 30 years of experience and know-how, Color Service has introduced in 2009 the first Full Automatic Dosing System for Rubber and Tire Industry, solving many of the problems present in the manual weighing of any powder product.

Respecting the historical and qualitative characteristics such as Batch Traceability, Repeatability, Dosing Accuracy and Environmental Respect, Color Service has applied its unique technology to the Plastic Industry: within the end of 2020 they will deliver a Full Automatic Dosing And Storage System to an Italian global supplier of thermoplastic products with many years of consolidated experience in this sector.

This collaboration stems from customer’s need to automate the dosage of the pigments and the additives, a need that Color Service, following a careful study of the project, has been able to satisfy with the proposal of a customized and tailor-made weighing system.

Color Service has thus introduced a new Automatic Dosing System for the production of Masterbatches: the recipes are dosed simultaneously and weighed with the utmost accuracy, minimizing human intervention and increasing the productivity. The revolutionary system allows the transfer of the pigments stored inside dedicated silos through high performance vacuum that guarantee fast loading with low air consumption and filtering surface. During the dosing, a scale trolley completely aspirated through a dedicated dust extraction system, avoids atmospheric pollution and it protects the scale from the air flow, allowing precise weighing to be achieved. Recipes can be dosed directly into a bucket or in identified bags created by the Color Service system in a completely automatic way.

In addition, to ensure product’s traceability, an identification label is printed and applied automatically in the dosed bags. This is a characteristic that allows each individual recipe to be traced.

The Dosing System can be flanked by the Automatic Storage System: it automates the collection of the boxes containing the powders according to the recipe, it transports each box to the operator’s pick up manual weighing position which receives the various boxes from the warehouse one at time and in a predetermined order, based on recipe to produce.

Subsequently, through the Manual Weighing System the operator guided by an on-board PC that provides all the information necessary for the weighing of the desired recipe, manually doses the product.

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