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Covestro wants to accelerate change to a circular economy

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Covestro is fully committed to making the circular economy a model for a truly sustainable world. To this end, the materials manufacturer wants to completely align its entire production and product range as well as all areas in the long term to the circular concept. This strategic vision is to be gradually implemented with numerous concrete measures and projects. In this way, Covestro wants to accelerate the change to a circular economy, especially in the chemical and plastics industries, and contribute to the goal of a greenhouse gas-neutral economy.

Specifically, the company plans to convert its production facilities worldwide to alternative raw materials and renewable energy. In addition, over 20 projects are researching new ways for more and better recycling. In the end, Covestro could be not only a producer and solution provider, but also an innovative recycler.
The products are to be increasingly tailored for later recycling and aligned even more closely with the UN sustainability goals. Furthermore, Covestro wants to cooperate with partners in all areas of the value creation cycle and also to take advantage of new business opportunities of mutual interest.

“The circular economy will lead the world as a whole to a sustainable future. It must become the global guiding principle to achieve climate neutrality and protect the dwindling resources of our planet,” emphasized Covestro CEO Dr. Markus Steilemann. “Produce, consume, throw away – single use leads to a dead end, business and society urgently need to rethink”, added the CEO.” Our industry and our company can and wants to support this transformation. Because plastics are used practically everywhere and are the key to solving many pressing challenges. Helping to master them is Covestro’s main concern to make the world a brighter place.”

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