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Thanks to a strong partnership, Biesse and Hufschmied design new machining processes

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Hufschmied, a leading manufacturer of specialist milling tools, and Biesse, an international company that manufactures integrated lines and machines to process wood, glass, stone, plastic, and composite materials are pleased to announce their strategic collaboration.

This collaboration brings together the expertise and capabilities of both companies to offer enhanced solutions to partners and customers operating in the plastics and composites sector.
The partnership between Hufschmied and Biesse aims to revolutionise the industry by providing cutting-edge technologies and optimised processes for working with plastics, composites, and thermoformed materials. By combining Hufschmied’s specialised milling tools with Biesse’s comprehensive range of machinery, customers can expect increased productivity, precision, and efficiency in their operations. With the aim of strengthening this collaboration, at the beginning of 2024, the Hufschmied showroom, located in Bobingen, Germany, will host a Biesse Materia technology, giving customers the opportunity to attend new customized demos.

“We are excited about the strategic collaboration with Biesse,” says Ralph Hufschmied, CEO of Hufschmied. “Together we will leverage our respective strengths to provide innovative solutions to the unique challenges of working with plastics and composites. This collaboration will drive our customers’ success and open up new opportunities in these industries”.
Through this cooperation, partners and customers can benefit from a wider range of solutions, expert advice, and tailored support. The combined expertise of Hufschmied and Biesse will enable the companies to optimise their processes, increase product quality and take the lead in an increasingly competitive market.

“At Biesse, we are committed to providing our partners and customers with the most advanced solutions for processing plastics, composites and thermoformed materials,” said Ettore Vichi, Chief Regional Director Emea e Apac. “By partnering with Hufschmied, a recognised leader in specialist milling tools, we are able to offer a comprehensive and integrated approach that increases efficiency and productivity while delivering exceptional results”.
The new cooperation between Hufschmied and Biesse represents a powerful alliance that combines technical excellence, innovation, and customer-centric solutions. Both companies are dedicated to supporting their partners and customers in achieving their goals, driving growth, and staying at the forefront of the industry.


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