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Covestro at Chinaplas 2017

by tecnoplast
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Tecnoplast took part at the Covestro Round Table for journalists.
The president of Covestro Asia has helded her speech.

Chinaplas offers a fantastic opportunity for Covestro to dialog with industry partners and gain market insights while sharing our industry-leading material technologies. It is our belief that by working together hand in hand, we will make the world a brighter place.

Innovative High Heat Polycarbonate for Medical Device Manufacturing Industry

Covestro will introduce its unique high-heat polycarbonate, Apec®, and its application in medical industry. This material is characterized by its high transparency, toughness and strength with a higher heat resistance compared to general purpose polycarbonate which makes it suitable for limited reuse after high-heat steam autoclaving up to 143°C. Besides, we will also introduce our family of polycarbonate resins and resin blends in the use of medical device or healthcare application including blood management, patient monitoring and diagnostics, drug delivery, etc.

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