Coperion and Coperion K-Tron:total technology solutions for plastics processing at Chinaplas 2018

21 April 2018

Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany, presents itself as a total technology solution provider for all plastics processing applications.

In addition to a new compounding line concept especially developed for the Chinese market Coperion will present twin screw extruders ZSK 58 Mc18 and STS 35 Mc11 and its SP treasure strand pelletizer on its booth 2J83 in Hall 2H. Also on display are a highly accurate Coperion K-Tron quick change twin screw feeder outfitted with ActiFlow™ bulk solids activator, Electronic Pressure Compensation (EPC) and 2415 Vacuum Receiver for refill as well as the unique K-ML-BSP-150-S Bulk Solids Pump™ (BSP) feeder for granular materials, Coperion’s dual channel diverter valve WZKC for powders and granular products and a CRD rotary valve.

Twin screw extruders ZSK 58 Mc18 and STS 35 Mc11

As a representative of its high-end ZSK twin screw extruder series, Coperion will exhibit a ZSK 58 Mc18 extruder with 58 mm screw diameter at this year’s Chinaplas. It is a high-quality, locally assembled ZSK Mc18 extruder model that is exclusively available for the Chinese market. The ZSK 58 Mc18 will be on display outfitted with highly accurate Coperion K-Tron feeders: a K-ML-SFS-KT20 Compact Twin Screw Feeder for high accuracy at low feed rates and a K2-ML-D5-S60 Single Screw Feeder for free flowing pellets or powders.
Also on display is a STS 35 Mc11 extruder featuring a specific torque of 11.3 Nm/cm3, screw speeds of up to 900 rpm and proven Coperion extruder quality. The STS Mc11 series offers an extremely appealing price/performance ratio. With masterbatch processing in mind, Coperion has equipped the STS Mc11 twin screw extruder with new features that significantly improve the system’s handling and ease of cleaning. The STS Mc11 has now a new base frame design which allows for integration of water manifold and wiring connections for better cleanability without sacrificing accessibility. Operations around the machine are now simpler since Coperion has reengineered the extruder insulation covers to enable easy access to the process section and at the same time reduce dust contamination or collection. Smooth surfaces make for easier cleaning as well. Coperion has also redesigned the die head to meet special masterbatch processing requirements. It can be quickly opened by simply loosening a few bolts and ensures fast color changes. The STS 35 Mc11 presented at Chinaplas is outfitted with a volumetric Coperion K-Tron T35 twin screw feeder – an economic and reliable solution for feeding powders into the process.

Bulk Solids Pump™ (BSP) for gentle feeding of free-flowing pellets, granules and friable bulk materials

Also on display, Coperion K-Tron’s K-ML-BSP-150-S Bulk Solids Pump™ (BSP) feeder which is a unique alternative for gentle feeding of free flowing granular materials. The BSP feeder does not use the usual screws/augers, belts or vibratory trays to convey the material. Instead it utilizes positive displacement action to feed free flowing materials with astounding accuracy, offering uniform discharge, consistent volume and gentle handling. The BSP feeder has vertical rotating discs that create feeding ducts. Material moves smoothly from storage hopper to discharge outlet through a “product lock-up zone”, achieving true linear mass flow. With no pockets or screws and only one moving part, the compact feeder is cleaned in seconds, making it ideal for applications with frequent material changes. The BSP-150-S feeds from 34 to 6700 dm3/h [1.2 to 237 ft3/h] using five feeding discs to create four feeding ducts; it features a stainless steel feeder body and uses a stepper motor. Two additional models are available for smaller feed rates.

Coperion at Chinaplas, booth 2J83 in Hall 2H

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