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Campetella Robotic Center: projects and challenges of 2022

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2022 will not be just an ordinary year for Campetella Robotic Center. A meaningful anniversary is what makes it so special.

Campetella turns 125 years old and, in order to celebrate such an important occurrence, has come up with an agenda full of unmissable events. Founded in 1897, Campetella boasts a centuries-old history crossing five generations. The solid experience gained over time has turned the company into a solid and well-known leading producer of automation solutions within the plastics industry.

Its core business lies in the design and development of robotic solutions for plastic injection molding, ranging from Cartesian top-entry and side-entry robots to the most complex and customized automated cells, specifically designed according to the customers’ needs. Campetella also has a long historical experience in coiling machinery for 25-50 mm diameter extruded irrigation pipes and water hoses, a field that has recently shown an explosive growth in all industrial countries worldwide. Although coilers belong to the extrusion world, the downstream automation and the related know-how are the same, making it easier to create modular systems to be used for a number of different industries.

A passion born in 1983 and never extinguished, which today makes it possible for Campetella’s automation to meet extrusion in order to provide the industry 4.0 market with an all-in-one and at once customized offer, originating from the very specific needs of each customer in any application field.

With 135 direct employees, not counting all the staff working in 32 external sales, service and distribution companies, Campetella has been establishing subsidiaries in Germany, Mexico and the UK, while planning to found another one in the US within 2023.

On top of that, this very same year the company will break ground to build a new 7,500 square meters production hall that will almost double the current floor space aimed at facing this business growth.

Preparations for the next major plastics trade shows have already started. Campetella Robotic Center will take part in the most important exhibitions for plastics and rubber industry worldwide, last but not least the forthcoming K 2022.

Propak Africa 2022 is the first packaging Trade Expo on the list. Campetella will exhibit at its distributor’ stand showing off its top-entry robot GS2 X-Series, designed for extreme performance during take-out operations. In order to achieve superior performance, Campetella decided to rely on innovative materials and construction technologies commonly used in the racing field, coming up with the creation of a robot largely made of carbon fiber and light alloys, capable of class-leading accelerations for extremely low cycle times, low vibrations and the highest reliability.

Right after the company will be at Plastimagen México 2022, the most important plastics trade show in Latin America. This time Campetella will be Arburg’s guest bringing along its Mini-Modula, the little brother of Modula X-Series. A compact and ultra-fast side-entry robot that maintains the powerful brushless servomotors while reducing the moving masses. Modula Mini X-Series is the fastest among the company’s side-entry robots, allowing for cycle times close to 2 seconds.

France Innovation Plasturgie (FIP) is next. Here Fournitures Industrielle Techniques (FIT) will host two Campetella robots: its best seller GS2 X-Series and a SP3R Prime Series, the compact rotary sprue picker designed to combine low power consumption and high reliability with maximum performance. Equipped with three servo-driven axes, all run by advanced electronics, it allows quick movements and an unthinkable productivity. Made of profiled aluminum and recommended for IMMs from 20 to 300 tons, it stands out for its vertical axis’ rotation in the entire range of ± 90°.

Next on the list is Plastpol 2022, where Campetella will share a stand with Toyo showing off three Cartesian robots and a sprue picker, followed by MECSPE, the Italian reference fair focused on innovation for the manufacturing industry.

K 2022, scheduled from 19 to 26 October 2022 in Düsseldorf, will definitely be the icing on the cake as for this year’s events.

Besides exhibiting at its own booth, Campetella will be at its partner Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, whom they share a long-lasting strategic partnership with. All visitors will have the chance to check out a Campetella automation system specifically created for the event, whose centerpiece will be the new Modula W, launched by Campetella last year and specifically designed to reduce footprint on the ground while maximizing productivity.

We are talking about a fully automated system performing IML (In-Mold Labeling) on margarine tubs on a 2-level stack mold. The tubs are produced in a 4 + 4-cavity mould and stacked face down by a Scara X-Series SPIN 2 for the highest hygiene standards. Its extremely compact vertical feeders for 5-sided labels optimize the space available and the robot’s carbon fiber arms reduce vibrations while guaranteeing excellent label positioning. A vision inspection system is also integrated in the cell in order to guarantee the perfect quality of all finished products.

Such a solution also helps to considerably lower energy consumption and the relative CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus reducing the impact on global warming. Green economy is now a challenge we need to face and, in order to do it, we need to provide ourselves with highly efficient and sustainable production systems.

Campetella’s IML molding technique, by allowing the in-mold labeling application, provides the best robotic solution in many application fields, especially in the food packaging industry, which has become increasingly demanding in requiring excellent performance in ever shorter cycle times.

The focus is on precision, speed, versatility, reliability, safety and application-specific programmability.

The experience gained by Campetella at supporting customers in high-volume production and high number cavity sectors has led to the creation of increasingly targeted solutions capable to minimize both IMM cycle and intervention time. Solid ground stands, ultra-light moving parts and powerful servomotors outline the construction philosophy of mechanics designed for maximum productivity and assisted by the latest generation electronics and an internally developed proprietary software aiming at optimizing the production cycle while reducing any latency in the interaction between the robot and the IMM.

An expert design focused on the process, careful to ensure the necessary production flexibility and aimed at offering maximum customization and aesthetic perfection of the finished products is what makes Campetella a unique partner.

Campetella Robotic Center is “an international company with a family character”, whose strength and success lies in the experience gained thanks to its history, the strong link with the territory and the never-ending passion for automation.


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