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battenfeld-cincinnati: next-generation extrusion machinery at Equiplast

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battenfeld-cincinnati equiplast

The battenfeld-cincinnati team will showcase technologically advanced extrusion developments at Equiplast at the booth of long-time partner and agent for Spain Comercial Douma (hall 3, D 474).

“For battenfeld-cincinnati, Spain has always been an important market and we have many long-standing customers there. Besides our new NG extruder series, we will present the latest developments for thermoforming sheet extrusion. Plastics packaging, especially for food, is a future trend and food packaging already accounts for more than a third of the global packaging market. The main features of our equipment are lower energy and material consumption and increased flexibility and performance,” says Miguel Lopez, Regional Sales Manager Packaging of battenfeld-cincinnati who will welcome Equiplast visitors at the booth.

Complete line solutions for thermoforming sheet for high outputs and line speeds

battenfeld-cincinnati’s portfolio for thermoforming sheet includes the high-speed extruder series that offers extremely high outputs (from 30 to 1,500 kg/h for PP, 35 to 1,750 kg/h for PS) and features energy savings around 15 to 20%.

High-grade packaging products such as thin-walled plastic PET containers for food packaging produced out of post-consumer bottle flakes show a high growth rate. This type of packaging benefits from the rising trend for food “on the go”. For direct extrusion of PET, the STARextruder series is the best choice. It offers highly efficient degassing of the melt due to the combination of a single screw for plastification and a planetary roller section for degassing. The system offers important advantages such as energy savings, less IV degradation and the possibility to obtain a mono-layer sheet with food grade approval. The available machine sizes of 90, 120 and 150 mm are perfectly suited for small and medium output ranges. The STARextruder also has extremely low operation and maintenance costs.

battenfeld-cincinnati equiplast

To complement its extruder series, battenfeld-cincinnati offers unique and powerful roll stacks. The Multi-Touch XXL roll stack has an innovative multi-nip process that achieves stress-free sheet with thickness tolerances of +/- 1% even at high line speeds, as well as high transparency and surface gloss. It delivers enormous outputs of up to 3,300 kg/h (PET) and up to 3,000 kg/h (PP), depending on the width and thickness of the sheet.

Cost savings and energy efficiency for pipe and profile extrusion

“Last year we introduced two “Next Generation” extruder series for PO pipe and PVC pipe and profile extrusion. The new extruders have many new features and are even more energy-efficient than their predecessor series. We also developed a completely new extruder control, the BCtouch UX, which is ideally suited for Industry 4.0 applications. At Equiplast, we will show a solEX 45-40 extruder which has already been sold to a Spanish customer. It offers top performance for the extrusion of smooth and corrugated PE-HD and PP pipe,” says Vedat Gültekin, Regional Sales Manager for pipe and profile applications.

solEX NG extruders for PO pipe

solEX NG extruders are based on the proven solEX range, but their core processing components (barrel, screw and grooved bushing) have been completely redesigned to offer up to 25% higher outputs per machine size (from 1,000 to 2,500 kg/h). In addition, the melt temperature can be reduced by up to 10°C for comparable outputs, and energy costs can be reduced by up to 15%. This makes the solEX NG also particularly suited for large diameter pipe extrusion.

battenfeld-cincinnati equiplast

conEX NG extruders for PVC pipe and profile

The conEX NG extruders have outputs from 20 to 250 kg/h for PVC profile and WPC/NFC and from 60 to 450 kg/h for PVC pipe. The extruders feature a longer pre-heating zone and an optimized screw design. The fully insulated barrel offers energy savings of up to 10% and balanced processing enables energy savings of up to 20%. The conEX NG is also an excellent choice for co-extrusion. Several different space-saver or pedestal designs are available and can be adapted to every main extruder through improved height and tilt adjustment facilities. “Our new conEX NG 54 extruder has just recently been installed at a Spanish production facility and the customer is very pleased with the initial production results,” adds Vedat Gültekin.

Cost savings for pipe producers with inline pipe dimension change

The FDC (fast dimension change) system allows for a change of external diameters and pipe wall thicknesses during production, as well as fast color changes. This ensures greater production flexibility and substantial material savings thanks to shorter changeover times. In production, battenfeld-cincinnati’s customer Emtelle in Denmark can effect changeovers to different pipe dimensions in only 20 minutes, while the change to a different automatic range – e.g. from 200 – 355 mm to 400 – 630 mm – can be made within one shift.

battenfeld-cincinnati equiplast

For further details, please join the battenfeld-cincinnati team at Comercial Douma’s booth in hall 3, booth D 474!

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