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SONGWON to unveil its newest product line at K 2019

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Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., a global player in the specialty chemicals business, will be at K2019 to showcase its portfolio of high performance solutions and its ongoing commitment to the plastics industry.

In Hall 6, Stand B07, SONGWON will highlight its ever-increasing industry presence, expanded capabilities and specialty chemicals strength. The company will be featuring an impressive array of products and application-tailored solutions from its portfolio that meet the most stringent demands and enable breakthrough applications across major growth sectors such as automotive, electronics, packaging and films, healthcare, agriculture and many more. Another key feature will be SONGWON’s increased focus on sustainability, underscoring the organization’s commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and to addressing the world’s pressing issues – including energy and greenhouse gas reduction, water conservation and material efficiency.

“Participating at K2019 provides us with a prominent platform to demonstrate our steadfast, long-term commitment to our customers and to the plastics industry,” says Maurizio Butti, Chief Executive Officer. “Since our foundation in 1965, our focus on innovation has driven SONGWON’s strategy to become a leader in specialty chemicals. We are proud of how our ongoing investments in increasing SONGWON’s value-adding portfolio, global capabilities and strong partnerships are helping us to achieve success for both our organization and for our customers.”

Since 2015, SONGWON has steadily expanded its portfolio of high-performance solutions beyond its standard polymer stabilizers to include lubricant additives, coatings stabilizers, electronic chemicals, new PU grades, functional monomers, etc. In 2018, SONGWON introduced 10 new products and is set to launch at K2019 an entirely new family of flame-retardant synergists based on a proprietary technology designed to combine high performance with safety and sustainability.

Contributing to a more sustainable future

SONGWON’s products make plastics more durable allowing easier recyclability and reducing waste. They also support the development of stronger materials with lighter weights which require fewer resources. Contributing to plastics recycling is an important issue for SONGWON, its customers and the environment and has led the organization to develop several strategies for polyolefin automotive compounds. It is also collaborating with various project partners along the product value chain relating to the circular economy. Furthermore, the company also looks inside in a continual drive to optimize processes, more efficiently source and use resources to reduce SONGWON’s environmental impact and explore solutions to improve the recyclability of plastics. One of its most recent successes was to become one of the first chemical companies in the world to package its products in 20kg PE-bags made with 50% recycled PE sourced from its customers.
To lead the development of the SONGWON’s global sustainability strategy and ensure that a sustainability framework is embedded and aligned in its corporate strategy and planning, SONGWON’s 1st Chief Sustainability Officer, Olivier Keiser was appointed in April.
“SONGWON’s success is built on innovations focused on combining the best possible efficiency and economy with high reliability in production for our customers,” says Keiser. “By combining our strong capabilities with our committed approach to bringing the latest, sustainable innovations to the market we can respond to some of the world’s most pressing challenges while offering our customers new opportunities for differentiation and driving a more sustainable future for society.”

Olivier Keiser and Dieter Morath, Songwon

Olivier Keiser and Dieter Morath, Songwon


House building being insulated with polystyrene filled with graphite

In the pictures: Olivier Keiser and Dieter Morath, Songwon; house building being insulated with polystyrene filled with graphite

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