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Meccanoplastica Group will be in K2019 with new blow molding solutions

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MiPet 2PN Meccanoplastica K2019

The Meccanoplastica Group will be in K2019 fair presenting the latest developments in the three blow molding technologies that has been evolving for more than 35 years. For the next appointment in Düsseldorf, the group, with headquarters in Italy and Spain, will show the model HE550s that belongs to the latest generation of full-electric Extrusion Blow Molding machines of the company. This one station blow moulding for hollow bodies machine have a compact and accessible design and it achieves good efficiency and reliability records that characterize the Meccanoplastica blow moulding solutions.

HE550S meccanoplastica K2019

It will also show the latest JET 85 version, an electric three-station Injection Blow Molding machine specially designed for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

JET85 meccanoplastica K2019

K2019 will also serve as a platform to publicize the latest MiPet model for PET preforms: MiPet 2PN. It was already presented through various industry magazines and it offers unique efficiency and production features that make it a reference in its category.

MiPet 2PN Meccanoplastica K2019

This triple technological commitment of high demand positions the Meccanoplastica Group as a global solution in the blow molding industry for a large number of applications in any packaging format from 5 Ml. up to 25 Liters, with the specific possibilities offered by materials such as PET , PE, HDPE or PP; as well .
In addition, coinciding with the K2019, the group will launch a new website with a new interface that will speed up the location of the different solutions in blow molding machinery. A new communication channel for all company stakeholders. It wants to add value to the personalized advice in each project and to the versatility of the Meccanoplastica machinery. It wants to be a platform where to show not only the company activities, also the current plastics industry situation in this moment when it is very necessary to show the economic and environmental benefits if its entire value chain is integrated into a circular economy.

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