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SABIC launches Material Finder website featuring rich functionality and high-value data to give customers a digital edge when selecting specialty thermoplastics

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SABIC, a global leader in the chemical industry, is debuting its new SABIC Material Finder website to help customers and prospective customers conveniently search, compare, evaluate and select specialty thermoplastic materials for a wide range of applications. The new website, which provides robust functionality and high-value, multi-point data, offers several unique features to casual and registered users. Any user can review information on more than 2,000 SABIC specialty resins, copolymers, and compounds – one of the largest portfolios in the industry. For registered users, SABIC’s Specialties business’ product material data is available for easy download in multiple computer-assisted engineering (CAE) platform formats to simplify the material selection process. They can also request color-matching services or place orders for color chips directly from the website.

“We created the SABIC Material Finder website to give customers the advantages of convenience and control in the selection of our specialty materials,” said Sanjay Mishra, who heads R&D and Manufacturing for Specialties, SABIC. “By providing digital tools for accessing authentic, validated product data directly from SABIC, this new website can significantly streamline the decision-making process. Customers are also encouraged to go beyond the data and work with us one on one to ensure they have all the necessary information and insights to evaluate the best materials well-suited for their applications.”

Multi-point Data for In-depth Evaluation

The SABIC Material Finder website provides a wealth of up-to-date SABIC product data that can be easily searched and filtered to meet specific requirements. For each product grade, users can obtain a list of key features, target industries, and potential applications and use cases. A deeper search reveals specific properties, values and test methodologies, appropriate processing methods and available or custom color options. Registered users can also make a profile and save their favorite products to revisit later.

The comparison tool within the website allows users to select up to five grades for a side-by-side evaluation of key performance properties, including electrical, mechanical, impact, thermal, physical and flame characteristics. The exceptionally detailed comparisons also include equipment specifications, settings and conditions recommended for injection molding, extrusion, and other applicable processes, such as wire coating.

Registered users gain access to additional technical data and resources, including curve data, design and processing guides, and other product literature. Designers can now obtain CAE cards from seven widely used platforms and more CAE software formats will be added soon.

All these technical resources enable customers to perform detailed evaluations of candidate materials for their target applications, giving them a high level of confidence in selecting SABIC’s specialty materials.

Application Examples for Inspiration

The SABIC Material Finder website offers information on a wide range of applications made with SABIC’s specialty materials. They include real-world components and use cases that span multiple industries, from mobility to consumer electronics, industrial, infrastructure and healthcare. Site visitors can explore potential applications and learn about the benefits of using SABIC’s specialty resins, compounds, and copolymers.

The new website also provides practical details on purchasing materials in each geography (Asia, Europe, and North America), and lists buying contacts. If color services are needed, users can go directly to the ColorXpress website to search for available colors and special effects, order color chips or request a color match.


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