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polytype OMV introduces RM77 “REVOLVER” Thermoformer

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The RM77 is a brand new concept: a fully automatic, in-mould trimming thermoforming machine, as any OMV former, designed to produce heavy or light plastic cup and tubs… but with a special “twist” in it.

RM stands for Revolving Mold.
The machine’s tools are made of three semi-molds, a female and two males, placed on the same vertical axis. The female half operates at full cycle speed (start position to end position and back), while the two male halves complete their cycle every two cycles of the female half. The formed material remains in the cavity for an additional cycle, which improves part quality, while having two cavity sets allows for the increase in production speed. Featuring a single delivery point, OMV integrated a simple stacking and part-handling system into the new machine.

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