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One Belt, One Road: Cannon Polyurethane along the new Silk Road

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cannon a pu china 2017

Cannon Polyurethane and automation technologies are ready help the development of the transport sector along the new Silk Road that will link China to Europe and the western Asian countries. The Group’s solutions will be presented at the PU China 2017 exhibition in Guangzhou on August 29 to 31

The new Silk Road project – One Belt, One Road (OBOR) – implies a big development of the transport sector, that should allow different types of goods and materials to be supplied safely preserved over long distances. The means of transport that will be used on the OBOR are various – trains, boats, cars, trucks, etc.– and Cannon is able to provide the right technology to answer some of the most important transport market needs.

First of all, the need to preserve perishable goods throughout industrial refrigerators, cold rooms and reefer cargo, all insulated by special PU panels produced by Cannon machines.
One example among all, Cannon foaming plants are now being used by two international manufacturer to produce reefers, refrigerated containers insulated with a thick layer of Polyurethane rigid foam. One special application of this know how is the LNG tanker ships insulation, for the overseas transport of liquid natural gas, a fossil fuel that is competing with crude oil all over the world.

Furthermore, transports should be efficient and comfortable. Cannon solutions for Composites processing allow the automotive and truck producers to lighten their means, improving efficiency and reducing emissions. Talking about travel comfort, the Group provides to OEMs moulds and heads to produce seating, headrest and armrest for the transport market. Moreover, a special application of Cannon machines in railways is the production of absorber plates that, mounted under the railway sleepers, reduce vibrations improving efficiency and comfort at the same time.

The OBOR project includes a number of offshore wind fields for the production of electric energy. Even in this sector Cannon is present with customized solution for composites blades international manufacturers.

Isolation and preservation, comfort, efficiency and energy. The improvement of all these areas is very important within the transport project of the new Silk Road. At the same time, to get the most out of the new road, transport logistic should and will be integrated according to Industry 4.0 precepts. Cannon Automata, the Group’s company specialized in last generation automatic control systems – software and hardware –, offers to its customers solutions to interconnect the different phases of the transport chain.

All these Cannon solutions, technologies and products will be presented at PU China 2017 in Guangzhou on August 29 to 31 at the Group’s stand, Hall 1 Booth 50.

cannon a pu china 2017

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