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Nova Frigo: new life and new projects at K 2019

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Nova Frigo K2019

Nova Frigo has always been attentive to ecological and energy saving aspects and, following the innumerable requests coming from the market and its customers – especially those in Northern Europe – has undertaken the development of new projects concerning eco-friendly gases with low GWP.

Since the beginning of 2019, thanks also to the contribution of expertise of the new social structure coming from the world of “Food” Industrial Refrigeration, new ranges of R290, R513A, 1234ze, R407C and R410A products have been developed, which allowed the company to enter new market sectors previously unattainable.

Today Nova Frigo, can offer its customers various machine solutions, with different types of refrigerant gas, depending on the operating temperatures as well as ranging from scroll, semi-hermetic or screw compressors.

At the K fair, which has always been considered strategic, new concept machines with R290 and R513A gas are exhibited, maintaining the historic layout that has always characterized Nova Frigo products, with the only novelty of a restyled logo.In particular, a 40 kW R290 machine with Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor and microchannels condensers will be shown. Maximum attention has been applied to the safety issue in the use of the R290 gas, with suitable control systems adapted to the regulations.

Another very important innovation is the new corporate structure, with the entry of new partners coming from historical companies in the Industrial Refrigeration sector. Currently the company is managed by a Board of Directors composed by Mr. Arturi Orlando, Mr. Antonelli Loris and Mr. Belloni Luigino.

Hall 10 stand B42

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