Linea Omnia 1.0 Baruffaldi, the all-embracing choice for the future

19 January 2017

Those who have known Baruffaldi for years know it to be a record holder in building special machines for cutting, slotting and assembling plastic profiles. Not everyone however, knows that Baruffaldi was set up more than 60 years ago as a manufacturer of extrusion tooling and machinery for the extrusion of various types of profiles.

And it’s on the extrusion line itself that the company focusses its attention at this point in time as we approach the most important trade fair event in our industry, by presenting a preview of the latest generation of technological solutions, all wrapped up in the OMNIA 1.0.

This new extrusion line is an important milestone in a story of excellence at international level. The firm, which has always focussed its activity on exports, established its presence because its plants have been chosen over others in the most demanding markets such as Germany and France.

The desire to meet the customers’ most stringent technical requirements has naturally had an effect on the way OMNIA 1.0 has been conceived. The line has the same features as recent Baruffaldi-Primac plants such as a design that is both compact and robust, ease of use and maintenance and an operating system that is made to measure for the end user. Where it differs from the standard product is in its innovative flexibility: Baruffaldi gives the customer the freedom to decide how to “compose” his requirement. The project for each unit that makes up the line has been cleverly studied so as to offer the best in productive capacity and the highest standards of precision whether it’s the basic version or the fully optionalised version which comes complete with accessories and integrated modular units.

The range of choice is truly vast: from the energy-saving system on the calibration table to the saving made in waste material thanks to the patented guillotine cutting system; from the combined puller-cutter to the standalone units; from one type of traction and machine-movement management to another. OMNIA 1.0 is smart technology: visually and functionally brilliant.

The benefits of having a single supplier for turnkey plants should not be underestimated and Baruffaldi-Primac makes it one of its points of strength. For technical profiles, for example, the company is able to offer the entire production line from the extruder to the palletizer as well as offline machinery for special secondary machining operations.

Baruffaldi invites all its customers to join it in facing the everyday complex challenges of plastic extrusion by testing out the new OMNIA 1.0 line. The staff will be expecting you on our site in Italy, where you can catch up with the state of the art at first hand.

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