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Greenchemicals announces a synergistic partnership with Palmarole

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Greenchemicals Srl, officially acquires majority shares of Palmarole, putting into effect a strategic business combination aimed at providing customers with even better support and professionality.

Micaela Lorenzi, founder of GC, has taken the decision to enter into partnership with Palmarole in order to combine the two companies’ specific expertise and know-how. Greenchemicals’ specialization in flame retardant additives and Palmarole’s experience in UV Stabilizers, Antioxidants and Clarifying Agents, is a great opportunity to leverage the two companies consolidated competencies, in order to widen their offer on the market and to maximize their skills in customer’s support.

Gèrard Palmarole founded the French-Swiss company “Palmarole AG” in 1982, with the aim of supplying and developing clarifying agents, UV absorbers, antioxidants and processing aids solutions for the plastic industry. His expertise and achievements earned over his entrepreneurial life are still most valuable in the market and have given a great contribution to the growth of the European plastic technology. Serving European and Middle East polymer industry since the beginning of its activity, PALMAROLE’s mission today is to establish a similar service pattern on a world-wide basis, by means of a network of associated and partner companies, that will be able to provide all ranges of additives.

Greenchemicals SRL, an Italian company founded by Micaela Lorenzi in 2010, provides innovative and efficient solutions for plastics. Highly specialized in flame retardants formulations, Greenchemicals is focused on the European market and represents a global reliable partner for plastic additives.
The main ambitious goal is to develop Flame retardant formulations and cost/efficient blends with low environmental impact, along with technologies and additives for plastic recycling.

“Our Company – Micaela Lorenzi says – has been strongly customer-oriented since its inception in 2010. Our support does not only include timely delivery of additives – an attitude demonstrated even in critical periods such as those we have all recently experienced – but also continual technical support to utilize our products at the best. For this reason, the partnership with Palmarole is for us an opportunity to accelerate our penetration and support capacity in this new field: for us a challenge to achieve the same expertise we have reached in the field of flame retardants”. “We are sure” – concludes Micaela Lorenzi – “that this is a winning choice for both of us, and for our customers”.


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