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Biesse Materia CL, creative technology

The Materia range of machining centres is designed to process thermoformed plastics, composites and aluminium,

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biesse Materia CL

The cutting-edge innovation Biesse is known for derives directly from the high-tech solutions used in its products, as well as from the group’s drive to invest in skilled human capital and the desire to expand and add to the company’s range and experience.
Biesse has focused its attention on developing cutting edge solutions to meet market demand in the advance materials sector, which is seeing significant growth.

Materia CL, creative technology

The Materia range of machining centres, designed to process thermoformed plastics, composites and aluminium, offers a vast technological selection to meet the machining requests for elements considered complex because of their shape, size or the type of material used.

Biesse Materia CLVersatility, precision and dynamism are the strengths of the Materia range. Numerical control processing centres that can handle very diverse plastics and composites, guaranteeing precision and constant reliability.

High-quality and accurate electrospindles, numerous optional and standard systems (on the basis of the material being machined), two numerical control systems (Osai OPENprime or Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl, particularly requested in the automotive sector), a robust structure and the perfect combination of speed and precision. A variety of models to match every production need.

Biesse Materia CLMateria CL is a range of versatile, compact, 5-axis processing centres designed to meet a wide variety of high-speed machining needs in relation to the milling of advanced and compound materials and special or stratified resins for mould models, the machining of thermoformed elements, unusually shaped three-dimensional elements, and components for the aeronautical sector, boats and the car industry.

Top quality and reliability for every type of machining operation

The high-performance milling electrospindles are available in three different sizes (6.5 Kw, 11 Kw and 15 Kw), depending on the type of machining operation required. The head has a reduced size, offers structural rigidity and vibration damping, and can be equipped with various electrospindles.
In addition, the heads can be configured with continuous rotation, electrospindle encoders and direct encoders and pneumatic brakes on the rotary axes, in accordance with the requirements of each individual application.

Reduced tool change time

Biesse Materia CLThe machine can also be equipped with a rotating magazine (holding up to 16 tools) on the right-hand side to facilitate tooling operations. Materia CL can be equipped with a contact thickness tracer or a laser probe for tool pre-setting, and a radio frequency thickness tracer for acquiring the piece coordinates and dimensions. Depending on the type of machining operation to be carried out, Materia CL can be fitted with a spray mist lubrication/cooling system outside the spindle, or simply with compressed air.

Machine personalisation to suit a wide variety of production needs

Materia CL can be configured with four different worktables: open gridded, stratified phenolic resin grid, gridded aluminium, or gridded aluminium with “T” slots obtained from steel plates.

Safety and cleaning of the product and work area

Biesse Materia CLThe Materia CL can be equipped with an upper closure system that completely encloses the machine, The ceiling mounted bellows guarantee a safe work environment for the operator, especially when machining materials that produce large amounts of dust. The manual opening allows the piece to the loaded by means of a bridge crane.

For more information about machines for the processing of advanced materials visit the dedicated section of our website at the following link https://www.biesse.com/ww/advanced-materials/.

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