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Volpak at Achema: sustainable flexible packaging for the pharmaceutical industry

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The Spanish company, part of Coesia Group, will take part in the 2022 Achema. The event, dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, will take place in Frankfurt on August 22-26. A major role will be played by Enflex, a Volpak brand focused on flat sachets horizontal form fill seal machines. The company will showcase an F-11 model, specifically designed for the pharma & healthcare sector.

Enflex and pharma: a tradition of innovation and flexibility

Taking part at the Frankfurt trade fair is part of a wider strategy aimed at positioning and strengthening Volpak’s Enflex brand, which, from this year, will be used for marketing Volpak’s solutions specifically designed for the Pharma and Healthcare industries. Enflex machines are appreciated as they combine high efficiency with key features such as durability and serviceability. These machines are currently used in the industry by clients such as research laboratories, third-party suppliers, and small and medium businesses. The key markets are Europe and Asia, but Volpak is also interested in the American and African markets, where the pharma industry is showing high growth.

Not only for pharma: the Enflex pouches

Popular in different fields of consumer goods, from Confectionery to Beverage, the pouch solutions developed by the Spanish company are ideal for the pharmaceutical industry. In this industry, Volpak and Enflex machines are typically used for the forming and manufacturing of “flat pouch” type flexible packaging in the single or double version, typically used for the packaging of products such as powder and granules for medical or veterinary use. The flat pouch is also an ideal choice for the packaging of products such as wipes and cotton swabs. The Spanish company’s machines can also be used in by makeup and health care businesses thanks to the airtightness and sturdiness of the packaging.

Showcased at Achema: Enflex F-11

F-11 is the new machine that will be showcased at Achema, this is a machine that manufactures, fills, and seals flat flexible pouches specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry. The F-11 is suitable for packaging a wide range of products, such as pharmaceutical powders, pills, medical devices, over-the-counter medicines, wipes, and swabs. The machine on display has a new design that provides protection and improved accessibility to operators, ensuring the use of sustainable mono-materials instead of common plastics. The F-11 is equipped with a new dosing system to meet high levels of hygiene.

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